Cooperative Spend By Vendor | Last Updated 8 Oct 2019

This data set is derived from vendor provided usage reports and is limited to spend with the identified vendor under the specific cooperative contract identified. Cooperatives are utilized within Delaware’s Procurement activities pursuant to 29 Del. C., §§6933 and 6987. Some vendors have multiple contracts with the State and further data regarding business done with any identified vendor may be found in the State Checkbook and State Employee Credit Card Transactions datasets.

Tags: vendor, spend, contract

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Contract Titlecontract_titletextContract name
Contract #contracttextNumber assigned to the Contract
Expiration Dateexpiration_datecalendar_dateDate Contract Expires
CooperativecooperativetextName of eligible Cooperative that was utilized to execute the awarded contract. Acronyms used in the data field stand for: HGAC = Houston Galveston Area Council; MMCAP = Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy; NJPA = National Joint Powers Alliance; NVP = NASPOValuePoint; WSCA = Western States Contracting Alliance
VendorvendortextName of Awarded Vendor
StatestatetextVendor’s Identified Home State
Small Businesssmall_businesstextMarked with an “s” if self-identified as a Small Business by vendor on
Women-Ownedwomen_ownedtextMarked with a “w” if self-identified as a Women-Owned Business by vendor on
Minority-Ownedminority_ownedtextMarked with an “m” if self-identified as a Minority-Owned Business by vendor on
Veteran-Ownedveteran_ownedtextMarked with a “v” if self-identified as a Veteran-Owned Business by vendor on
PApatextParticipating Addendum and is marked with a “Y” if a PA has been signed or “R” if there is a reseller agreement.
Date of PAdate_of_pacalendar_dateThe date of the participating addendum.
FY13 Spendfy13_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2013 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY14 Spendfy14_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2014 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY15 Spendfy15_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2015 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY16 Spendfy16_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2016 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY17 Spendfy17_ytd_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2017 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY18 Spendfy18_ytd_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2018 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY19 YTD Spendfy19_ytd_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2019 spend as reported by the vendor.
FY20 YTD Spendfy20_ytd_spendnumberThe amount of fiscal year 2020 spend as reported by the vendor.
Grand Totalgrand_totalnumberThe grand total of spend for FY13 – FY19 as reported by the vendor.
CountcountnumberThis field is not pertinent to this record and is used strictly to count records for summaries within the Open Data Portal. The value will always be "1".