State of Delaware NIBRS Crime Report Totals by Jurisdiction | Last Updated 6 Dec 2019

Serious crime totals that are reported by each jurisdiction that are listed as "Group A" crimes by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These totals are used in the Crime in Delaware report provided by the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC).

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This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberThe calendar year in which crimes occurred.
JurisdictionjurisdictiontextThe law enforcement agency that completed the offense report. A report filed by an agency that entered another agencies jurisdiction would be filed under the reporting agency and not the jurisdiction it fell under. (Ex: Delaware State Police (DSP) entering a town that does not have a police officer present would be reported under the responding DSP Troop.) All towns that DSP provides coverage for and those with no full-time police officers are designated with an asterisk since a significant portion of the reports for that jurisdiction would be completed by the covering agency.
Agency Codeagency_codetextTwo character code used to identify a given jurisdiction.
CountycountytextCounty the agency is located within. Towns/agencies with one geographic jurisdiction that spans two counties are identified by the county that contains the majority of their offenses. Multi-county/Statewide agencies are identified as “State”.
UCR Codeucr_codetextAn alphanumeric code that the FBI uses to identify crimes reported in the National Incident Based Reporting System. The list of crimes can be found further in this document.
Offense Typeoffense_typetextThis is a categorization scheme the Delaware Statistical Analysis Center uses to group Delaware's NIBRS data for reporting purposes. There are four categories: Violent, Serious Property, Drug, and Other Property and Social Offenses. The list of offenses in each category can be found further in this document.
Main Offensemain_offensetextThere are 24 main offenses/crimes in the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). These offenses are termed “Group A” by the FBI.
Sub-Offensesub_offensetextMost of the 24 main offenses have sub-categories of offenses (e.g., Shoplifting is a sub-category of Larceny-Theft). This field identifies those sub-categories. For the main offenses that have no sub-categories, their names are repeated here.
Sub-Offense Sub-Categorysub_offense_sub_categorytextThe Assault main offense has two primary sub-categories (Aggravated Assault and Simple Assault) and each sub-category, unlike the other 23 main offenses, has its own set of sub-categories (e.g., Aggravated Assault with a Firearm). This section contains those categories.
Occur Frequency (based on main offense)occur_frequency_based_on_main_offensetextSince some crimes occur frequently and others infrequently, the Delaware SAC has further classified the 24 main NIBRS offenses into four rough categories to make it easier to generate useful charts and figures. These categories are: Low; Low-Moderate; Moderate; High. The list of crimes included in each category may be found further in this document.
Number of Offenses Received by Law Enforcementnumber_of_offenses_received_by_law_enforcementnumberTotal number of offenses reported by that agency for a specific offense.
Offenses Cleared by Law Enforcementoffenses_cleared_by_law_enforcementnumberTotal number of offenses that were considered to have been solved by law enforcement for one of several reasons .For crime reporting and analysis purposes, an offense is considered ‘cleared’ or solved when a suspect is either arrested and subsequently referred for prosecution or cannot be arrested but is otherwise clearly identifiable.
Clearance Rateclearance_ratenumberThe percentage of offenses that were cleared for that specific offense.
Adult Arrestsadult_arrestsnumberNumber of adults arrested for the given offense. There can be more than one arrest for a single criminal offense.
Juvenile Arrestsjuvenile_arrestsnumberNumber of juveniles arrested for the given offense. There can be more than one arrest for a single criminal offense.