Open Space Program Land Inventory | Last Updated 14 Aug 2019

A listing of properties protected and /or acquired under the Delaware Open Space Program.

Tags: open space, outdoors and recreation, land, conservation, public land, parks, forests, wildlife areas, historic, cultural, dnrec

This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
File Numberfile_numbertextFile number assigned to the project.
Datedatecalendar_dateDate of settlement on the property
NamenametextName of the property owner who sold the property interest to the State
Mgmt Agencymang_agencytextAgency that has management responsibility for the property. (F&W = DNREC Div. of Fish & Wildlife, FOR = Dept. of Agriculture Forstest Service, HCA = Dept. of State Div. of Historical & Cultural Affairs, P&R = DNREC Div. of Parks & Recreation)
Mgmt Areamang_areatextName of the management area the project is within. This may be a State Wildlife Area, a State Park, a State Forest or an easement (A privately held property for which a conservation easement has been acquired)
CountycountytextCounty the project is within.
Tax Parceltax_parceltextTax parcel number(s) of the properties that are part of the project.
Total Acrestotal_acresnumberLand area, in acres, of the project.
Alternate Namealt_nametextAlternative name associated with the property.
Property Intrestproperty_interesttextForm of acquisition of the property. (Fee simple purchase or conservation easement)
Open Space Moneyopen_spacenumberAmount (dollars) from the Open Space Fund used to acquire the property or easement.
Other Money Leveragedother_moneynumberAmount (dollars) from funding sources other than the Open Space Program used to acquire the property or easement. These may include federal grants or funds from private, non-governmental organizations.
Total Purchase Pricetotal_acq_costnumberAmount (dollars) of the total cost of acquiring the property.