Mosquitoes Trap Data (May 2011 to Sep 2015) | Last Updated 8 Aug 2019

Capture results of mosquitoes from various locations in Edmonton. These collections are from standard New Jersey light traps that are commonly used to record changes in abundance of mosquitoes before and after control campaigns and to compare seasonal and annual fluctuations in population. Since not all mosquito species are attracted equally to light traps, the City uses a variety of other trapping and survey methods (with their own limitations) to monitor mosquitoes. Not all trap collection sites are factored into the historical averages. Some data can be incomplete due to trap failure. Some trap locations change over time. Trap collections reflect, not absolute population levels, but mosquito activity, which is influenced by changing environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.). The weekly averages do not include any male mosquitoes or any females of species that do not typically bite people. Each data set reflects the mosquito activity of the week previous to the collection date. To complement this dataset, there is the Rainfall Guage data which measures rainfall data in the Greater Edmonton area -

Tags: mosquitoes, odr17-171

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
TRAP_DATEtrap_datecalendar_dateDate when the mosquito traps are collected. An empty mosquito traps are replaced for the next collection at the same time.
GENUSgenustextLow-level taxonomic ranking for biological classification
SPECIESspeciestextLowest taxonomic rank and having common characteristics and (usually) capable of mating with one another.
TYPEtypetextEssential characteristics of the genus
GENDERgendertextFemale or male
RURAL NORTH WESTrural_north_westnumberRural northwest part of Edmonton
RURAL NORTH EASTrural_north_eastnumberRural northeast part of Edmonton
RURAL SOUTH EASTrural_south_eastnumberRural southeast part of Edmonton
RIVER VALLEY EASTriver_valley_eastnumberEastern part of River Valley in Edmonton
RIVER VALLEY WESTriver_valley_westnumberWestern part of the River Valley in Edmonton
RESIDENTIAL NORTHresidential_northnumberNorthern residential part of Edmonton
RURAL SOUTH WESTrural_south_westnumberRural southwest part of Edmonton
LAGOONlagoonnumberWater-area location
GOLF COURSEgolf_coursenumberMill Woods Golf Course
INDUSTRIAL PARKindustrial_parknumber
RESIDENTIAL SOUTHresidential_southnumberSouthern residential part of Edmonton
TOTALtotalnumberTotal number of mosquitoes trapped from all locations