First Place Program | Last Updated 24 Aug 2019

The City’s First Place program teams with banks and builders to develop attractive townhouses on land declared surplus by school boards in conjunction with an extensive public information and engagement process. 20 school sites ( in 19 neighbourhoods were declared surplus in 2006 and have been designated for the First Place housing program. Completed projects across Edmonton have allowed many people to realize the dream of home ownership ( while integrating with communities that helped design the look and “fit” of the developments. These families benefit from the opportunity to call a place their own and get ahead financially, but the community at large benefits too. Owning a home keeps families rooted in neighbourhoods, something that's needed for communities to flourish over time. The homes are market priced, with a five-year deferral on the land portion of the mortgage, making them more accessible to first time buyers. A public engagement ( process precedes development, along with opportunities for community involvement in project design. For more information, please go to:

Tags: first place program, infill, surplus school land

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Neighbourhood IDneighbourhood_idnumber
Neighbourhood Nameneighbourhood_nametext
Development Namedevelopment_nametextThe condo development name given to the project site, which will be the name the development will commonly be known as.
Ward Numberward_numbertext
Site Latitudesite_latitudenumber
Site Longitudesite_longitudenumber
Site Locationsite_locationlocation
Number of Homesnumber_of_homesnumber
Street Viewstreet_view_urlurl
BuilderbuildertextThe developer/builder who is do the construction for the project.