ENERGY STAR Certified Audio Video | Last Updated 18 Jun 2014

Certified models meet all ENERGY STAR requirements as listed in the Version 3.0 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Audio Video Equipment that are effective as of May 1, 2013. A detailed listing of key efficiency criteria are available at

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This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ENERGY STAR Unique IDpd_idnumberThe ENERGY STAR Unique ID (ESUID) is a string of seven numbers EPA assigns to an ENERGY STAR model or set of models with unique performance characteristics. This ESUID is unique to both the model and product specification version and is assigned by EPA upon receipt of certification information from the certification body. Each row within the product list will have a unique ESUID. Developers may wish to use this ESUID to track information on certified models in their information systems.
ENERGY STAR Partnerenergy_star_partnertextAn organization that signed a Partnership Agreement with EPA to manufacture or private label ENERGY STAR qualified products.
Brand Namebrand_nametextAn identifier assigned by the manufacturer or private labeler to a product or family/series of products for sales and marketing purposes.
Model Namemodel_nametextAn identifier assigned by the manufacturer or private labeler to a product or family/series of products for sales and marketing purposes.
Model Numbermodel_numbertextA distinguishing identifier, usually alphanumeric, assigned to a product by the manufacturer or private labeler.
Additional Model Informationadditional_model_informationtextThis column includes for the qualified model or family, family members, additional model names, model numbers and other identifying information associated with a product or family/series of products for sales and marketing purposes. Other identifying information includes, but is not limited to, SKUs, UPC codes, retail numbers, and/or descriptions of models included/not included in the reported Model Family.
Product Typeproduct_typetextEligible product types include: Blu-ray disc player, DVD player, CD player, audio amplifiers (limited bandwidth and full spectrum), home theater AV receiver, home theater in a box, compact/shelf audio system, iPod/MP3 player dock, clock radio, subwoofer, and powered speaker system.
Video Player Typevideo_player_typetextThe most consumptive optical disk player/recorder present in the device.
Tuner Includedtuner_includedtextIndicates whether the model includes an over the air tuner.
Amplifier Channelsamplifier_channelstextThe number of channels supported by the amplifier, with the number of full-bandwidth channels appearing before the decimal point, followed by the number of limited-bandwidth or subwoofer channels. For example, "5.1" would indicate five full-bandwidth channels and one subwoofer channel.
Connected Technologyconnected_technologytextThe available networking/control or Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet protocols.
Default Auto Power Down (APD) Timing (min.)default_auto_power_down_apd_timing_minutesnumberThe predetermined time in minutes after which the device automatically switches from On Mode to Sleep Mode.
Average Power Consumption 2 Minutes Before APD (Watts)average_power_consumption_2_minutes_before_apd_wattsnumberRequired if APD is enabled by default.
Average Power Consumption 2 Minutes After APD (Watts)average_power_consumption_2_minutes_after_apd_wattsnumberRequired if APD is enabled by default.
Energy Use (Idle) (Watts)idle_state_power_consumption_wattsnumberA state within On Mode in which a product is not performing a Primary Function and no content is actively being delivered to the end-user.
Energy Use (Sleep Mode) (Watts)sleep_mode_power_consumption_wattsnumberThe condition where the product is connected to a power source, produces neither sound nor picture, neither transmits nor receives program information and/or data (excluding data transmitted to change the unit's condition from Sleep Mode to On Mode), and is waiting to be switched to On Mode by a direct or indirect signal from the consumer (e.g., with the remote control).
Energy Use (Video Playback) (Watts)video_playback_power_consumption_wattsnumberThe average On Mode power during video playback. For High Definition (HD) devices, this is the average of the power when playing HD and Standard Definition (SD) content.
Energy Use (Audio Playback) (Watts)audio_playback_power_consumption_wattsnumberThe average On Mode power during audio playback.
Is Amplifier Consumer or Commercial?is_amplifier_consumer_or_commercialtextClassification of amplifier based on its signal inputs, type of power cord, and presence of a remote control. Does not apply to products without an amplifier (e.g., optical disc players).
Amplifier Input Power at 1/8 Maximum Undistorted Power (Watts)amplifier_input_power_at_1_8_maximum_undistorted_power_wattsnumberThe input power at which the efficiency of an amplifier is tested, equal to 1/8 of the power at which the total harmonic distortion of all the channels is 1% or greater.
Amplifier Efficiency %on_mode_amplifier_efficiencynumberThe efficiency of the amplifier at 1/8 Maximum Undistorted Power. Excludes the audio playback power of any embedded disc players used during the test.
Date Available On Marketdate_available_on_marketcalendar_dateThe date that the model is available for purchase.
Date Certifieddate_qualifiedcalendar_dateThe date on which the product was confirmed to meet the ENERGY STAR specification.
MarketsmarketstextIncludes products sold in the U.S. and/or Canada and other ENERGY STAR partner countries.
CB Model Identifierenergy_star_model_identifiertextA unique string of characters assigned by certification bodies (CBs) to identify a model or set of models with the same performance characteristics. This identifier should remain the same for a model even if it is recertified to a new version of an ENERGY STAR specification. This string of characters is determined by CBs and is not the ENERGY STAR Unique ID assigned by EPA.