Police Incidents

data.everettwa.gov | Last Updated 19 Nov 2019

Police Incidents represent all calls for police responses. These include burglary and trespass reports, assaults, drug related calls, thefts, vandalism, and reports of suspicious activity. Officer initiated activity such as traffic stops is also included in police incidents. Some incidents will result in a police report, which can be found in the dataset "Police Cases." Case reports involving domestic violence, child abuse, or sex offenses involving minors are not reported.

Tags: police, safety

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Event NumbereventnumbertextThe identifying number assigned to the incident
YeareventyeartextThe year the incident occurred
Date and Timedatetimereceivedcalendar_dateDate and time the incident was reported or initiated
Incident TypeincidenttypetextA description of the type of incident
PriorityprioritytextA code for the priority of response, with 1 being a high priority emergency response and 5 being a call with no urgency.
Status When ReportedincidentprogresstextIndicates whether incident activity is "in progress" at the time of the call, an emergency, urgent, routine call, or non-emergency.
Initiated ByhowreceivedtextWhether the incident was reported by a 911 call or initiated by a police officer
Address Occurredeventaddressby100blocktextApproximate address of the incident rounded to the 100 block
DispositiondispositiontextHow the incident was closed: Arrest, Booking, Case Report, Settled by Contact, Gone on Arrival, Cancel Call, False Alarm, Follow Up, Impound, or Referred to Another Agency
Report NumberreportnumbertextIf a police report was written, this column will show the case report number (the same number as the incident report)
NeighborhoodneighborhoodtextEverett neighborhood the incident occurred in
BeatbeattextPolice beat the incident occurred in
AreaareatextThe police district the incident occurred in (North, Central, or South)
PrecinctprecincttextThe police precinct the incident occurred in (North or South)
Geom CoordinategeomcoordinatepointPoint plot for the approximate incident location