Police Cases

data.everettwa.gov | Last Updated 12 Nov 2019

Police Cases represent all police incidents that result in a police report being generated by the responding officer. Case reports involving domestic violence, child abuse, or sex offenses involving minors are not reported.

Tags: police, safety

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Case NumbercasenumbertextThe identifying number assigned to the case
YearcaseyeartextThe year the case report originated
Date and Timedatetimereceivedcalendar_dateDate and time the incident that resulted in the case report was reported or initiated by police
Case TypecasetextThe description of the crime involved or type of case the report documents
Address Occurredoccurredlocationby100blocktextApproximate address of the incident rounded to the 100 block
Location TypelocationscenetextLocation description, or type of location where incident occurred
DispositiondispositiontextHow the case was resolved or completed
ArrestsubjectstatustextIndicates whether or not an arrest was made related to the case
Attempted StatusattemptedstatustextIndicates if the crime involved was attempted or completed
Case StatuscasestatustextThe status of the case or investigation
Gang RelatedgangrelatedtextWhether or note the report documents a case that is gang related
Hate CrimehatecrimetextWhether or not the report documents a hate or bias crime under FBI standards
NeighborhoodneighborhoodtextEverett neighborhood the incident occurred in
BeatbeattextPolice beat the incident occurred in
AreaareatextThe police district the incident occurred in (North, South, or Central)
PrecinctprecincttextThe police precinct the incident occurred in (North or South)
GeomCoordinategeomcoordinatepointPoint plot for the approximate incident location