B-4A, Adjusted Gross Income Class Comparison, All Filing Statuses

data.ftb.ca.gov | Last Updated 21 Nov 2022

Adjusted gross income class statistics combined for all filing statuses for California residents personal income tax return data.

Tags: personal income tax, agi

This dataset has the following 155 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Taxable Yeartaxable_yearnumberTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in a number format that can be used to filter and sort, as well as display in charts.
AGIC_SortIDagic_sortidnumberID to sort AGIC
AGICagictextAdjusted gross income classification (AGIC) is the category of taxpayers whose income falls within a specified CA adjusted gross income range.
All Returnsall_returnsnumberNumber of California taxable and nontaxable returns filed for the tax year.
Taxable Returnstaxable_returnsnumberNumber of California tax returns subject to tax.
Federal AGIfederal_aginumberFederal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is an individual's total gross income minus specific deductions or adjustments.
California Adjustmentscalifornia_adjustmentsnumberCalifornia adjustments include adjustments to federal income.
These include items such as unemployment compensation, social security benefits,
railroad retirement benefits, California lottery winnings, IRA distributions and net operating loss carryovers.
California AGIcalifornia_aginumberIncome before California deductions.
California Deductionscalifornia_deductionsnumberCalifornia deductions include itemized or standard deductions.
Taxable Incometaxable_incomenumberIncome subject to California personal income tax.
Total Tax Liabilitytotal_tax_liabilitynumberTax California taxpayers are obligated to pay.
Returns w/Wages and Salariesreturns_w_wages_and_salariestextNumber of returns w/wages and salaries reported.
Wages And Salarieswages_and_salariesnumberAmount of wages and salaries reported.
Returns w/Taxable Interestreturns_w_taxable_interesttextNumber of returns w/taxable interest.
Taxable Interesttaxable_interestnumberAmount of taxable interest reported.
Returns w/Taxable Dividendsreturns_w_taxable_dividendstextNumber of returns w/taxable dividends.
Taxable Dividendstaxable_dividendsnumberAmount of taxable dividends reported.
Returns w/Taxable Pensions And Annuitiesreturns_w_taxable_pensions_and_annuitiesnumberNumber of returns w/taxable pensions and annuities.
Taxable Pensions And Annuitiestaxable_pensions_and_annuitiesnumberAmount of taxable pension and annuities reported.
Returns w/Business Income Profitreturns_w_business_income_profittextReturns w/business income profit reported.
Business Income Profitbusiness_income_profitnumberAmount of California business income profit reported.
Returns w/Business Income Lossreturns_w_business_income_losstextNumber of returns w/business income loss reported.
Business Income Lossbusiness_income_lossnumberAmount of California business income loss reported.
Returns w/Net Sale Of Capital Assets Profitreturns_w_net_sale_of_capital_assets_profittextNumber of returns w/net sale of capital assets profit reported.
Net Sale Of Capital Assets Profitnet_sale_of_capital_assets_profitnumberAmount of net sale of capital assets profit reported.
Returns w/Net Sale Of Capital Assets Lossreturns_w_net_sale_of_capital_assets_losstextNumber of returns w/net sale of capital assets loss.
Net Sale Of Capital Assets Lossnet_sale_of_capital_assets_lossnumberAmount of net sale of capital assets loss reported.
Returns w/Rents And Royalties Profitreturns_w_rents_and_royalties_profittextNumber of returns w/rents and royalties profit.
Rents And Royalties Profitrents_and_royalties_profitnumberAmount of rents and royalties profit reported.
Returns w/Rents And Royalties Lossreturns_w_rents_and_royalties_losstextNumber of returns w/rents and royalties loss.
Rents and Royalties Lossrents_and_royalties_lossnumberAmount of rents and royalties loss reported.
Returns w/Partnerships and S-Corp Gainreturns_w_partnerships_and_s_corp_gaintextNumber of returns w/partnerships and S Corporation gain.
Partnerships and S-Corp Gainpartnerships_and_s_corp_gainnumberAmount of partnerships and S Corporation gain reported. When an individual return reported income from two or more partnerships or S Corporations, all of the partnership and S corporation incomes, profits were combined and the resulting gain was recorded.
Returns w/Partnerships and S-Corp Lossreturns_w_partnerships_and_s_corp_losstextNumber of returns w/partnerships and S Corporation loss.
Partnerships and S-Corp Losspartnerships_and_s_corp_lossnumberAmount of partnerships and S Corporation loss reported. When an individual return reported income from two or more partnerships or S Corporations, all of the partnership and S corporation incomes, profits and losses were combined and the resulting loss was recorded.
Returns w/Estates and Trusts Gainreturns_w_estates_and_trusts_gaintextNumber of returns w/estates and trusts gain.
Estates and Trusts Gainestates_and_trusts_gaintextAmount of estates and trusts gain reported.
Returns w/Estates And Trusts Lossreturns_w_estates_and_trusts_losstextNumber of returns w/estates and trusts loss.
Estates And Trusts Lossestates_and_trusts_losstextAmount of estates and trusts loss reported.
Returns w/Farm Income Profitreturns_w_farm_income_profittextReturns w/farm income profit.
Farm Income Profitfarm_income_profittextNumber of returns reporting farm income profit.
Returns w/Farm Income Lossreturns_w_farm_income_losstextNumber of returns w/farm income loss.
Farm Income Lossfarm_income_losstextAmount of farm income loss reported.
Returns w/All Other Federal Income Sources Profitreturns_w_all_other_federal_income_sources_profitnumberNumber of returns with all other federal income sources profit.
All Other Federal Income Sources Profitall_other_federal_income_sources_profitnumberAmount of all other federal income sources profit includes income for the disposition of non capital assets, alimony, miscellaneous income, social security and unemployment income, income from state and local income tax refunds, and taxable IRA income.
Returns w/All Other Federal Income Sources Lossreturns_w_all_other_federal_income_sources_losstextNumber of returns w/all other federal income sources loss.
All Other Federal Income Sources Lossall_other_federal_income_sources_lossnumberAmount of all other federal income sources loss includes net loss for the disposition of non capital assets, miscellaneous income and noncapital assets.
Returns w/Total Incomereturns_w_total_incomenumberNumber of returns w/total income.
Total Incometotal_incomenumberAmount of total income reported.
Returns w/Individual Retirement Planreturns_w_individual_retirement_plantextNumber of returns reporting individual retirement plan contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts and Spousal Individual Retirement Accounts.
Individual Retirement Planindividual_retirement_plannumberAmount of individual retirement plan contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts and Spousal Individual Retirement Accounts.
Returns w/Student Loan Interestreturns_w_student_loan_interesttextNumber of returns w/student loan interest.
Student Loan Intereststudent_loan_interesttextAmount of student loan interest deductions reported.
Returns w/Tuition And Feesreturns_w_tuition_and_feestextNumber of returns w/tuition and fees.
Tuition And Feestuition_and_feestextAmount of tuition and fees deducted.
Returns w/Moving Expensereturns_w_moving_expensetextNumber of returns w/moving expense deduction.
Moving Expensemoving_expensetextAmount of moving expense deducted.
Returns w/Half Self-Employment Taxreturns_w_half_self_employment_taxtextNumber of returns w/self-employment tax.
Half Self-Employment Taxhalf_self_employment_taxnumberAmount of self-employment tax reported.
Returns w/Self-Employed Health Insurancereturns_w_self_employed_health_insurancetextNumber of returns w/self-employed health insurance.
Self-Employed Health Insuranceself_employed_health_insurancenumberAmount of self-employed health insurance reported.
Returns w/Self-Employed Retirement Planreturns_w_self_employed_retirement_plantextNumber of returns w/self-employed retirement plans.
Self-Employed Retirement Planself_employed_retirement_plantextAmount of self-employed retirement plans reported.
Returns w/Penalty On Early Withdrawal of Savingsreturns_w_penalty_on_early_withdrawal_of_savingstextNumber of returns w/penalty on early withdrawal of savings.
Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savingspenalty_on_early_withdrawal_of_savingsnumberAmount of penalty on early withdrawal of savings.
Returns w/Alimony Paidreturns_w_alimony_paidtextNumber of returns with alimony paid.
Alimony Paidalimony_paidtextAmount of alimony paid.
Returns w/Domestic Productionreturns_w_domestic_productionnumberNumber of returns w/domestic production.
Domestic Productiondomestic_productionnumberAmount of domestic production reported.
Returns w/Total Adjustmentsreturns_w_total_adjustmentstextNumber of returns with total adjustments.
Total Adjustmentstotal_adjustmentsnumberAmount of total adjustments include amounts for IRA exclusion, moving expense, alimony paid, half self-employment tax, self-employed health insurance plan exclusion, self-employed retirement plan exclusion, and the penalty on early withdrawal of savings.
Returns w/Total California Subtractionsreturns_w_total_california_subtractionsnumberNumber of returns with total California subtractions.
Total California Subtractionstotal_california_subtractionsnumberAmount of total California subtractions.
Returns w/Total California Additionsreturns_w_total_california_additionstextNumber of returns with total California additions.
Total California Additionstotal_california_additionsnumberAmount of total California addition.
Returns w/Medical Expensesreturns_w_medical_expensestextNumber of returns with medical expenses.
Medical Expensesmedical_expensestextAmount of medical expenses deducted.
Returns w/State and Local Income Taxesreturns_w_state_and_local_income_taxestextNumber of returns with state and local income taxes.
State and Local Income Taxesstate_and_local_income_taxesnumberAmount of state and local income taxes deducted.
Returns w/Real Estate Taxesreturns_w_real_estate_taxestextNumber of returns w/real estate tax deductions.
Real Estate Taxesreal_estate_taxesnumberAmount of real estate taxes deducted.
Returns w/Personal Property Taxesreturns_w_personal_property_taxestextNumber of returns w/personal property taxes.
Personal Property Taxespersonal_property_taxesnumberAmount of personal property taxes deducted.
Returns w/Other Taxesreturns_w_other_taxestextAmount of personal property taxes deducted.
Other Taxesother_taxesnumberAmount of other taxes deducted.
Returns w/Total Taxesreturns_w_total_taxestextNumber of returns w/total taxes.
Total Taxestotal_taxesnumberAmount of total taxes deducted.
Returns w/Mortgage Interestreturns_w_mortgage_interesttextNumber of returns w/mortgage interest.
Mortgage Interestmortgage_interestnumberAmount of mortgage interest deducted.
Returns w/Points and Investment Interestreturns_w_points_and_investment_interesttextNumber of returns w/points and investment interest.
Points and Investment Interestpoints_and_investment_interestnumberAmount of points and investment interest deducted.
Returns w/Total Interestreturns_w_total_interesttextNumber of returns w/total interest.
Total Interesttotal_interestnumberAmount of total interest deducted.
Returns w/Cash/Check Contributionsreturns_w_cash_check_contributionstextNumber of returns w/cash/check contributions.
Cash/Check Contributionscash_check_contributionsnumberAmount of cash/check contributions deducted.
Returns w/Non-cash Contributionsreturns_w_non_cash_contributionstextNumber of returns w/non-cash contributions.
Non-cash Contributionsnon_cash_contributionsnumberAmount of non-cash contributions deducted.
Returns w/Contribution Carryoverreturns_w_contribution_carryovertextReturns w/contribution carryover.
Contribution Carryovercontribution_carryovernumberAmount of contribution carryover deducted.
Returns w/Total Contributionsreturns_w_total_contributionstextReturns w/total contributions.
Total Contributionstotal_contributionsnumberAmount of total contributions deduction. Total Contributions is less than the total of cash, noncash, and carryover contributions because the tax code limits deductions that exceed specified percentages of adjusted gross income.
Returns w/Casualty and Theft Lossesreturns_w_casualty_and_theft_lossestextNumber of returns w/casualty and theft losses. The net operating loss deductions were suspended, w/the exception of disaster losses, for tax years 2008-2011. The carryover percentage and period vary depending on when the loss was incurred. The definition of a qualified taxpayer varied from 2008-2010.
Casualty and Theft Lossescasualty_and_theft_lossestextAmount of casualty and theft losses deducted. The net operating loss deductions were suspended, w/the exception of disaster losses, for tax years 2008-2011. The carryover percentage and period vary depending on when the loss was incurred. The definition of a qualified taxpayer varied from 2008-2010.
Returns w/All Other Deductionsreturns_w_all_other_deductionstextNumber of returns w/all other deductions.
All Other Deductionsall_other_deductionsnumberAmount of all other deductions include unreimbursed employee expenses, union dues, employment education expenses, handicap repairs, gambling losses and other miscellaneous deductions that exceed two percent of adjusted gross income.
Returns w/Total Federal Itemized Deductionsreturns_w_total_federal_itemized_deductionstextNumber of returns w/total federal itemized deductions.
Total Federal Itemized Deductionstotal_federal_itemized_deductionsnumberAmount of total federal itemized deductions.
Returns w/California Adjust to Fed Itemized Deductionsreturns_w_california_adjust_to_fed_itemized_deductionstextNumber of returns w/California adjustment to federal itemized deductions.
California Adjust to Fed Itemized Deductionscalifornia_adjust_to_fed_itemized_deductionstextAmount of California adjustment to federal itemized deductions.
Returns w/California Itemized Deductionsreturns_w_california_itemized_deductionstextNumber of returns w/California itemized deductions.
California Itemized Deductionscalifornia_itemized_deductionsnumberAmount of California itemized deductions.
Returns w/California Standard Deductionsreturns_w_california_standard_deductionsnumberNumber of returns w/California standard deductions.
California Standard Deductionscalifornia_standard_deductionsnumberAmount of California standard deductions.
Returns w/Personal Exemption Creditreturns_w_personal_exemption_creditnumberNumber of returns w/personal exemption credit.
Personal Exemption Creditpersonal_exemption_creditnumberAmount of personal exemption credit.
Returns w/Dependent Exemption Creditreturns_w_dependent_exemption_credittextNumber of returns w/dependent exemption credit.
Dependent Exemption Creditdependent_exemption_creditnumberAmount of dependent exemption credit.
Returns w/Senior/Blind Exemption Creditreturns_w_senior_blind_exemption_creditnumberNumber of returns w/senior/blind exemption credit.
Senior/Blind Exemption Creditsenior_blind_exemption_creditnumberAmount of senior/blind exemption credit.
Returns w/Total Exemption Creditreturns_w_total_exemption_credittextNumber of returns w/total exemption credit.
Total Exemption Credittotal_exemption_credittextAmount of total exemption credit.
Returns w/Other State Tax Creditreturns_w_other_state_tax_credittextNumber of returns w/other state tax credit.
Other State Tax Creditother_state_tax_credittextAmount of other state tax credit.
Returns w/Total Special Creditreturns_w_total_special_credittextNumber of returns w/total special credit.
Total Special Credittotal_special_credittextAmount of total special credit.
Returns w/Renter's Creditreturns_w_renter_s_credittextNumber of returns w/renter's credit.
Renter's Creditrenter_s_credittextAmount of renter's credit.
Returns w/G-1 Tax/5870A Taxreturns_w_g_1_tax_5870a_taxtextNumber of returns w/G-1 tax/5870A tax.
G-1 Tax/5870A Taxg_1_tax_5870a_taxtextAmount of G-1 tax/5870A tax.
Returns w/Alternative Minimum Taxreturns_w_alternative_minimum_taxtextNumber of returns w/alternative minimum tax.
Alternative Minimum Taxalternative_minimum_taxtextAmount of alternative minimum tax.
Returns w/Mental Health Taxreturns_w_mental_health_taxtextNumber of returns w/mental health tax.
Mental Health Taxmental_health_taxnumberAmount of mental health tax.
Returns w/Other Taxes And Credit Recapturereturns_w_other_taxes_and_credit_recapturetextNumber of returns w/other taxes and credit recapture.
Other Taxes And Credit Recaptureother_taxes_and_credit_recapturenumberAmount of other taxes and credit recapture.
Returns w/Taxes Withheldreturns_w_taxes_withheldtextNumber of returns w/taxes withheld.
Taxes Withheldtaxes_withheldnumberAmount of taxes withheld.
Returns w/Estimated Taxes Paidreturns_w_estimated_taxes_paidnumberNumber of returns w/estimated taxes paid.
Estimated Taxes Paidestimated_taxes_paidnumberAmount of estimated taxes paid.
Returns w/Excess State Disability Insurancereturns_w_excess_state_disability_insurancetextNumber of returns w/excess state disability insurance (SDI).
Excess State Disability Insuranceexcess_state_disability_insurancetextAmount of excess state disability insurance (SDI).
Returns w/Child and Dependent Care Creditreturns_w_child_and_dependent_care_credittextNumber of returns w/child and dependent care credit. The credit was refundable until the law changed in 2011.
Child and Dependent Care Creditchild_and_dependent_care_credittextAmount of child and dependent care credit. The credit was refundable until the law changed in 2011.
Returns w/Overpaymentreturns_w_overpaymenttextNumber of returns w/overpayment.
OverpaymentoverpaymentnumberAmount of overpayment.
Returns w/Credit to Next Year's Taxreturns_w_credit_to_next_year_s_taxtextNumber of returns w/credit to next year's tax.
Credit to Next Year's Taxcredit_to_next_year_s_taxnumberAmount of credit to next year's tax.
Returns w/Total Voluntary Contributionsreturns_w_total_voluntary_contributionstextNumber of returns w/total voluntary contributions.
Total Voluntary Contributionstotal_voluntary_contributionstextAmount of total voluntary contributions.
Returns w/Refundreturns_w_refundtextNumber of returns w/a refund.
RefundrefundnumberAmount of refunds.
Returns w/Tax Duereturns_w_tax_duenumberNumber of returns w/tax due.
Tax Duetax_duenumberAmount of tax due.
Returns w/Remittance Paymentsreturns_w_remittance_paymentstextNumber of returns w/remittance payments.
RemittanceremittancetextAmount of cash or check remitted w/the return.