Voluntary Contributions By Zip Code

data.ftb.ca.gov | Last Updated 22 May 2019

This dataset contains personal income tax statistics for taxpayers by the city, county, and Zip Code based on their tax returns. Amounts are in dollars. Voluntary contributions are made by taxpayers selecting one or more of the voluntary contribution funds listed on the tax return and designating the amount of contribution they wish to make.

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidnumberRow identifier.
Taxable Yeartaxable_yearnumberTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in a number format that can be used for display in charts.
Yearyearcalendar_dateTaxable year for which tax returns were filed in time and date format.
Fundcontribution_typetextFund to which the taxpayer voluntarily contributed.
Zip Codezip_codenumberZip Code reported on the address line of the tax return.
CitycitytextCity name associated with zip reported in year returns are reported.
CountycountytextCounty based on Zip Code primarily associated with the address of the return filed.
Number of Contributionsnumber_of_contributionsnumberNumber of returns on which taxpayers voluntarily contributed to the fund.
Total Contributionstotal_contribution_amountnumberTotal amount of voluntary contributions made by taxpayers on their returns.
Median Contributionmedian_contribution_amountnumberMedian voluntary contribution made on the returns.
Locationlocation_1locationLatitude and Longitude used for mapping visualizations.