Strategic Performance Measures | Last Updated 18 Jan 2019

The Strategic Performance Measures dataset is comprised of information related to a set high-level performance measures identified as part of the implementation of the Fulton County 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. Strategic performance measures do not necessarily directly measure the performance of Fulton County departments and programs but rather serve as indicators of progress toward long-term goals that may require collaboration with other governmental agencies, community organizations and the private sector to achieve. Strategic performance measures fall into one of six priority areas and are updated annually and presented to the Board of Commissioners in a report for each priority area.

Tags: strategic, performance, measure, kpi, indicator

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidnumberUnique identifer for each performance measure.
PriorityAreapriorityareatextOne of six strategic priority areas to which each performance measure is aligned.
MetricNamemetricnametextThe name of the strategic performance measure.
MetricDescriptionmetricdescriptiontextA description of the strategic performance measure.
MeasureTypemeasuretypetextThe type of measure (number, percentage, or currency).
MeasureUnitmeasureunittextThe unit of measure (e.g.,
MeasureCalcMethodmeasurecalcmethodtextThe calculation used to derive the performance number if a calculation is used.
DataSourcedatasourcetextA description of the source used to derive the performance number.
StatusstatustextWhether the performrance measure is in active use. (Only actively used measures are published.)
MetricValuemetricvaluenumberThe number representing performance for a given reporting period.
MetricDatemetricdatecalendar_dateThe date representing the end of the reporting period. (For example, the date for a number representing the year 2016 would be December 31,2016.)
MetricNotesmetricnotestextAny clarifying notes regarding the performance measure.
MarginOfErrormarginoferrornumberThe margin of error when reported by the data source.
SegmentsegmenttextThis is generally used to indicate the political unit (e.g. county) to which the measure applies. It is typically used to indicate a county against which Fulton County is benchmarked.
CategorycategorytextThis is used when a measure is subdivided by category. (For example, the college education rate is subdivided by degree level.)
MostRecentmostrecentcheckboxThis has a value of Yes when the record contains the most recent available for the measure.