Capital Projects | Last Updated 9 Jan 2020

This dataset includes information on Fulton County capital projects planned, in progress or completed. A capital project is any project or work involving the construction, acquisition, or renovation of any building, structure, or other facility owned or to be acquired by the county. Most capital projects are managed by the Department of Public Works and the Department of Real Estate and Asset Management.

Tags: capital, project, construction, facility

This dataset has the following 51 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Project IDproject_idtextA unique identifier for the capital project
Project Nameproject_nametextThe name of the capital project
DescriptiondescriptiontextA description of the capital project
DistrictdistricttextThe Fulton County commission district in which the project lies
County Servicescounty_servicestextThe county service to which the project is related (e.g. library, facilities, water/sewer)
Project Delivery Typeproject_delivery_typetext
Total Project Budgettotal_project_budgetnumber
Contract Datecontract_datecalendar_date
Total Land Parceltotal_land_parcelnumber
Proposed Disturbed Areaproposed_disturbed_areanumber
Project Managerproject_managertext
County Project Managercounty_project_managertext
Project Ownerproject_ownertext
Proceed Dateproceed_datecalendar_date
Design Start Datedesign_start_datecalendar_date
Design Completion Datedesign_completion_datecalendar_date
Construction Start Dateconstruction_start_datecalendar_date
Construction Completion Dateconstruction_completion_datecalendar_date
Project Completion Dateproject_completion_datecalendar_date
Design Costdesign_costnumber
Design Requisition to Datedesign_requisition_to_datenumber
Design Amendmentsdesign_amendmentsnumber
Construction Costconstruction_costnumber
Construction Requisition to Dateconstruction_requisition_to_datenumber
Construction Amendmentsconstruction_amendmentsnumber
District Numberdistrict_numbernumber
Total Requisition to Datetotal_requisition_to_datenumber
Percent Committedpercent_committednumber
Image URLimage_urltext
Budget Indicatorbudget_indicatortextThis is a code indicating the status of the project in regard to budget.
Budget Indicator Narrativebudget_indicator_narrativetextThis is a short description of the status of the project in regard to the budget.
Schedule Indicatorschedule_indicatortextThis is a code indicating the sttaus of the project in regard to the schedule.
Schedule Indicator Narrativeschedule_indicator_narrativetextThis is a description of the project status in regard to the schedule.
Funding Sourcefunding_sourcetext
Last Editedlast_editedcalendar_date
Project Websiteproject_websitetext
Last Edited Textlast_edited_texttext
Actual Expensesactual_expensesnumber
Total Committedtotal_committednumber
Balance to Commitbalance_to_commitnumber
Project Status Colorstatus_colortext
Original Budgetoriginal_budgetnumber
Balance as a Percentage of Budgetpercent_balancenumber
Reference Numberref_numnumber
Available for Reallocationavailable_for_reallocationnumber