SOH JUDICIARY | Last Updated 26 Jul 2018

This Master Log is the basis for OIP's Summary of the Master UIPA Record Request Year-End Log for FY 2014. This Log is as of March 19, 2015, with one agency deleted (Solid & Hazardous Waste Branch of the Department of Health).

This dataset has the following 51 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
F: # of Personal Records Requestsof_personal_records_requestsnumber
G: # of Requests Receivedof_requests_receivednumber
H: # of Notices Sentof_notices_sentnumber
I: # of Initial Responses Sent Within 10 Work Daysof_initial_responses_sent_within_10_work_daysnumber
J: # of Requests Needing Initial Clarificationof_requests_needing_initial_clarificationnumber
K: # of Complex Requestsof_complex_requestsnumber
L: # of Requests with Incremental Responsesof_requests_with_incremental_responsesnumber
M: # of Requests Completedof_requests_completednumber
N: # of Workdays to Completeof_workdays_to_completenumber
O: Request Granted in Fullrequest_granted_in_fullnumber
P: Request Denied in Fullrequest_denied_in_fullnumber
Q: Request Denied in Partrequest_denied_in_partnumber
R: Agency Ultimately Unable to Respondagency_ultimately_unable_to_respondnumber
S: Requester Withdrewrequester_withdrewnumber
T: Requester Abandoned or Failed to Payrequester_abandoned_or_failed_to_paynumber
U: UIPA Lawsuit Filed Against Agency?uipa_lawsuit_filed_against_agencynumber
V: Actual Search Hoursactual_search_hoursnumber
W: Actual Review/ Segregation Hoursactual_review_segregation_hoursnumber
X: Actual Legal Review Hoursactual_legal_review_hoursnumber
Y: TOTAL Actual SRS & Legal Review Hourstotal_actual_srs_legal_review_hoursnumber
Z: TOTAL GROSS SRS Fees Incurredtotal_gross_srs_fees_incurrednumber
AA: Additional Response Fees Incurred But Not Chargeableadditional_response_fees_incurred_but_not_chargeablenumber
AB: Minus $30 Fee Waiverminus_30_fee_waivernumber
AC: Minus $60 Fee Waiverminus_60_fee_waivernumber
AD: Fees for Personal Recordsfees_for_personal_recordsnumber
AE: TOTAL NET SRS Fees CHARGEABLEtotal_net_srs_fees_chargeablenumber
AF: GROSS Copy/Delivery Costs that Agency INCURREDgross_copy_delivery_costs_that_agency_incurrednumber
AG: NET Copy/Delivery Costs CHARGEABLE to Requesternet_copy_delivery_costs_chargeable_to_requesternumber
AH: TOTAL Fees & Costs ACTUALLY PAID by Requesters for ALL Requeststotal_fees_costs_actually_paid_by_requesters_for_all_requestsnumber
AI: TOTAL NET Fees & Costs CHARGEABLE for ALL Requeststotal_net_fees_costs_chargeable_for_all_requestsnumber
AJ: TOTAL GROSS Fees & Costs Agency INCURRED for ALL Requeststotal_gross_fees_costs_agency_incurred_for_all_requestsnumber
AK: TOTAL GROSS Fees & Costs INCURRED BUT NOT CHARGED for ALL Requeststotal_gross_fees_costs_incurred_but_not_charged_for_all_requestsnumber
AL: TOTAL NET Fees & Costs ACTUALLY PAID for COMPLEX Requeststotal_net_fees_costs_actually_paid_for_complex_requestsnumber
AM: TOTAL NET Fees & Costs CHARGEABLE for COMPLEX Requeststotal_net_fees_costs_chargeable_for_complex_requestsnumber
AN: TOTAL GROSS Fees & Costs INCURRED for COMPLEX Requeststotal_gross_fees_costs_incurred_for_complex_requestsnumber
AO: TOTAL GROSS Fees & Costs INCURRED BUT NOT CHARGED for COMPLEX Requeststotal_gross_fees_costs_incurred_but_not_charged_for_complex_requestsnumber
AP: # of Workdays to Complete ALL Requestsof_workdays_to_complete_all_requestsnumber
AQ: # of Workdays to Complete COMPLEX Requestsof_workdays_to_complete_complex_requestsnumber
AR: # of Workdays to Complete NONCOMPLEX, NONPERSONAL RECORD Requestsof_workdays_to_complete_noncomplex_nonpersonal_record_requestsnumber
AS: # of Workdays to Complete PERSONAL RECORD Requestsof_workdays_to_complete_personal_record_requestsnumber
AT: # of Search Hours Incurred for ALL Requestsof_search_hours_incurred_for_all_requestsnumber
AU: # of Search Hours Incurred for COMPLEX Requestsof_search_hours_incurred_for_complex_requestsnumber
AV: # of Search Hours Incurred for NONCOMPLEX, NONPERSONAL RECORD Requestsof_search_hours_incurred_for_noncomplex_nonpersonal_record_requestsnumber
AW: # of Search Hours Incurred for PERSONAL RECORD Requestsof_search_hours_incurred_for_personal_record_requestsnumber
AX: # of Review & Segregation Hours Incurred for ALL Requestsof_review_segregation_hours_incurred_for_all_requestsnumber
AY: # of Review & Segregation Hours Incurred for COMPLEX Requestsof_review_segregation_hours_incurred_for_complex_requestsnumber
AZ: # of Review & Segregation Hours Incurred for NONCOMPLEX, NONPERSONAL RECORD Requestsof_review_segregation_hours_incurred_for_noncomplex_nonpersonal_record_requestsnumber
BA: # of Review & Segregation Hours Incurred for PERSONAL RECORD Requestsof_review_segregation_hours_incurred_for_personal_record_requestsnumber
TOTAL ROUTINE REQUESTStotal_routine_requestsnumber