Iowa Retail Sales Tax Registrations | Last Updated 2 Jan 2019

Registrations for Active and Inactive Iowa Retail Sales Tax Permits

Tags: sales, retail, registration

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Active or Inactive Businessactive_or_inactive_businesstextIs the business active or inactive? If inactive there will be a date in the cancelled date field.
Retail Permit Numberretail_permit_numbernumberNine digit retail sales tax permit number
Consolidated Number of Businessconsolidated_number_of_businessnumberDigits from 1 to 9999. Businesses with more than 1 location may file a consolidated return. For example if ABC company has 10 locations throughout Iowa it may elect to file one quarterly return aggregating sales for all 10 locations.
Name of Businessname_of_businesstextName of the Business
Address of the Businessaddress_of_the_businesstextThe address where the business is located.
County Namecounty_nametextName of the county where business is located.
Registration County Numberregistration_county_numbernumberCounty Number assigned by registration. This will usually match the Business Location County Number by Permit Field
Business Location County Numberbusiness_location_county_numbernumberThe second and third digit of the permit number. This field is extracted from the retail permit number and is the county number where the business is located.
Department City Codedepartment_city_codenumberCity code assigned by the Department of Revenue. 0 represents non incorporated areas
City Location of Businesscity_location_of_businesstextCity in which the business is located.
Business Zip Codebusiness_zip_codetextZip code where the business is located.
Department Business Codedepartment_business_codenumberA four digit business class code assigned by the department. Some the codes will match the four digit NAICS codes, but not all.
Business Code Descriptionbusiness_code_descriptiontextA brief description of the type of business activity the business is engaged.
Date Permit was Issueddate_permit_was_issuedcalendar_dateDate the retail sales tax permit was issued by the Department of Revenue.
Date Permit was Cancelleddate_permit_was_cancelledcalendar_dateDate the business cancelled operations