Crimes Against Person Pie Chart | Last Updated 24 Aug 2016

This is the most current information as of the date of upload. This provides the user the ability to view the most current crime information within Kansas City, Missouri. The displayed information is the most current information from the data source as of the date of upload. The data source is dynamic and therefore constantly changing. Changes to the information may occur, as incident information is refined. While the Board of Police Commissioners of Kansas City, Missouri (Board) makes every effort to maintain and distribute accurate information, no warranties and/or representations of any kind are made regarding information, data or services provided. The Board is not responsible for misinterpretation of this information and makes no inference or judgment as to the relative safety to any particular area or neighborhood. In no event shall the Board be liable in any way to the users of this data. Users of this data shall hold the Board harmless in all matters and accounts arising from the use and/or accuracy of this data.

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This dataset has the following 2 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Report_Noreport_nonumberUnique number assigned to a case, throughout the life of a case numerous reports can be written
DescriptiondescriptiontextShort description of the offense