KCMO 2013 ACS 5-year estimates Education Census Data

data.kcmo.org | Last Updated 15 Jun 2015

2013 ACS 5-year estimates for Education Attainment for population over 25 years organized by census tract. Included in this data are all census tracts that are included in the boundaries of KCMO, even if no KCMO citizens lived in that tract when the data was gathered. All data was gathered on the U.S. Census Bureau's website: http://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/searchresults.xhtml?refresh=t# Table ID: B15003

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This dataset has the following 55 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Block Groupblock_groupnumber
Census Tractcensus_tractnumber
Estimate; Total:estimate_totalnumber
Margin of Error; Total:margin_of_error_totalnumber
Estimate; Total: - No schooling completedestimate_total_no_schooling_completednumber
Margin of Error; Total: - No schooling completedmargin_of_error_total_no_schooling_completednumber
Estimate; Total: - Nursery schoolestimate_total_nursery_schoolnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Nursery schoolmargin_of_error_total_nursery_schoolnumber
Estimate; Total: - Kindergartenestimate_total_kindergartennumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Kindergartenmargin_of_error_total_kindergartennumber
Estimate; Total: - 1st gradeestimate_total_1st_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 1st grademargin_of_error_total_1st_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 2nd gradeestimate_total_2nd_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 2nd grademargin_of_error_total_2nd_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 3rd gradeestimate_total_3rd_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 3rd grademargin_of_error_total_3rd_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 4th gradeestimate_total_4th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 4th grademargin_of_error_total_4th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 5th gradeestimate_total_5th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 5th grademargin_of_error_total_5th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 6th gradeestimate_total_6th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 6th grademargin_of_error_total_6th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 7th gradeestimate_total_7th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 7th grademargin_of_error_total_7th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 8th gradeestimate_total_8th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 8th grademargin_of_error_total_8th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 9th gradeestimate_total_9th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 9th grademargin_of_error_total_9th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 10th gradeestimate_total_10th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 10th grademargin_of_error_total_10th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 11th gradeestimate_total_11th_gradenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 11th grademargin_of_error_total_11th_gradenumber
Estimate; Total: - 12th grade, no diplomaestimate_total_12th_grade_no_diplomanumber
Margin of Error; Total: - 12th grade, no diplomamargin_of_error_total_12th_grade_no_diplomanumber
Estimate; Total: - Regular high school diplomaestimate_total_regular_high_school_diplomanumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Regular high school diplomamargin_of_error_total_regular_high_school_diplomanumber
Estimate; Total: - GED or alternative credentialestimate_total_ged_or_alternative_credentialnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - GED or alternative credentialmargin_of_error_total_ged_or_alternative_credentialnumber
Estimate; Total: - Some college, less than 1 yearestimate_total_some_college_less_than_1_yearnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Some college, less than 1 yearmargin_of_error_total_some_college_less_than_1_yearnumber
Estimate; Total: - Some college, 1 or more years, no degreeestimate_total_some_college_1_or_more_years_no_degreenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Some college, 1 or more years, no degreemargin_of_error_total_some_college_1_or_more_years_no_degreenumber
Estimate; Total: - Associate's degreeestimate_total_associate_s_degreenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Associate's degreemargin_of_error_total_associate_s_degreenumber
Estimate; Total: - Bachelor's degreeestimate_total_bachelor_s_degreenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Bachelor's degreemargin_of_error_total_bachelor_s_degreenumber
Estimate; Total: - Master's degreeestimate_total_master_s_degreenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Master's degreemargin_of_error_total_master_s_degreenumber
Estimate; Total: - Professional school degreeestimate_total_professional_school_degreenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Professional school degreemargin_of_error_total_professional_school_degreenumber
Estimate; Total: - Doctorate degreeestimate_total_doctorate_degreenumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Doctorate degreemargin_of_error_total_doctorate_degreenumber