Personal Property Data | Last Updated 22 Nov 2019

Personal property typically includes items used by a company to conduct business. Generally, personal property does not include property which is attached to a building or to the land. Examples of personal property which may be assessed include furniture, fixtures, electronic equipment, telephones and machinery.

Tags: tax, personal property

This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Account Numberaccount_numbertextA unique number identifying taxable and/or assessable interest in personal property. Length - 8.
Account Statusaccount_statustextIndicates the type of activity which occurred on the last update of the account. Length - 1.
Status Yearstatus_yeartextThe last assessment year in which the status code was updated. Length - 2.
Account Typeaccount_typetextProperty Account Type. Length - 1.
Property Classproperty_classtextPersonal Property Classifications. Length - 1.
Tax Statustax_statustextTax Status. Length - 1.
Omit Levy Codeomit_levy_codetextThe levy code that would have been on the account if the account had been placed on the tax roll during the normal assessment year. The account is being handled as an omitted account. Length - 4.
Omit Yearomit_yeartextThe bill year that the taxes were omitted. Length - 4.
Levy Codelevy_codetextA code for the unique geographic area created by the set of overlapping taxing districts where the account is located. Length - 4.
Bill Yearbill_yeartextThe year in which the property taxes are due and payable. Length - 4.
Billed Amountbilled_amountnumberTax billed amount. Length - 11,2.
Penalty Billed Amountpenalty_billed_amountnumberPenalty amount charged for delinquent tax amounts. Length - 11,2.
Penalty Percentagepenalty_percentagenumberPercentage of taxes that will be assessed as a penalty on late filing accounts. Length - 3.
Paid Amountpaid_amountnumberAmount paid. Length - 11,2
Agriculture Equipment AVagriculture_equipment_avnumberAssessed value. Length - 9.
Manufacturing AVmanufacturing_avnumberAssessed value. Length - 9.
Other Equipment AVother_equipment_avnumberAssessed value. Length - 9.
Supplies AVsupplies_avnumberAssessed value. Length - 9.
Other Items AVother_items_avnumberAssessed value. Length - 9.
SPS AVsps_avnumberThe assessed value of property associated with operating property of the taxpayer for this account;located within the levy code for this account. Length - 9.
All AVall_avnumberTotal assessed value. Length - 10.
Senior Citizen Flagsenior_citizen_flagtextIndicates that there is a Senior Citizen exemption exists for the account. Length - 1.
Head of Household Flaghead_of_household_flagtextIndicates that there is a Head of Household AVEX exemption exists for the account. Length - 1.
Quick Collect Infoquick_collect_numbertextQuick Collect Account Reference Number. Length - 9.
Quick Collect Accountquick_collect_accounttextQuick Collect Account Number exists for advance tax. Length - 8.