Street Vending Citations LAMC 42.00 | Last Updated 23 Apr 2019

This dataset reflects arrest incidents in the City of Los Angeles dating back to 2010. This data is transcribed from original arrest reports that are typed on paper and therefore there may be some inaccuracies within the data. Some location fields with missing data are noted as (0.0000°, 0.0000°). Address fields are only provided to the nearest hundred block in order to maintain privacy. This data is as accurate as the data in the database. Please note questions or concerns in the comments.

Tags: lapd, arrest, arrest data, police, safe city, arrests

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Report IDrpt_idtextID for the arrest.
Arrest Datearst_datecalendar_dateMM/DD/YYYY
TimetimetextIn 24 hour military time.
Area IDareatextThe LAPD has 21 Community Police Stations referred to as Geographic Areas within the department. These Geographic Areas are sequentially numbered from 1-21.
Area Namearea_desctextThe 21 Geographic Areas or Patrol Divisions are also given a name designation that references a landmark or the surrounding community that it is responsible for. For example 77th Street Division is located at the intersection of South Broadway and 77th Street, serving neighborhoods in South Los Angeles.
Reporting DistrictrdtextA four-digit code that represents a sub-area within a Geographic Area. All arrest records reference the "RD" that it occurred in for statistical comparisons. Find LAPD Reporting Districts on the LA City GeoHub at
AgeagetextTwo character numeric.
Sex Codesex_cdtextF - Female M - Male
Descent Codedescent_cdtextDescent Code: A - Other Asian B - Black C - Chinese D - Cambodian F - Filipino G - Guamanian H - Hispanic/Latin/Mexican I - American Indian/Alaskan Native J - Japanese K - Korean L - Laotian O - Other P - Pacific Islander S - Samoan U - Hawaiian V - Vietnamese W - White X - Unknown Z - Asian Indian
Charge Group Codechrg_grp_cdtextCategory of arrest charge.
Charge Group Descriptiongrp_descriptiontextDefines the Charge Group Code provided.
Arrest Type Codearst_typ_cdtextA code to indicate the type of charge the individual was arrested for. D - Dependent F - Felony I - Infraction M - Misdemeanor O - Other
ChargechargetextThe charge the individual was arrested for.
Charge Descriptionchrg_desctextDefines the Charge provided.
AddresslocationtextStreet address of crime incident rounded to the nearest hundred block to maintain anonymity.
Cross StreetcrssttextCross Street of rounded Address.
Locationlocation_1locationThe location where the crime incident occurred. Actual address is omitted for confidentiality. XY coordinates reflect the nearest 100 block.