CD4-91411zip | Last Updated 11 May 2016

The Department of Building and Safety issues permits for the construction, remodeling, and repair of buildings and structures in the City of Los Angeles. Permits are categorized into building permits, electrical permits, and mechanical permits (which include plumbing, HVAC systems, fire sprinklers, elevators, and pressure vessels). Depending on the complexity of a project, a permit may be issued the same day with Express Permit or e-Permit ("No Plan Check" category), or a permit may require that the plans be reviewed ("Plan Check" category) by a Building and Safety Plan Check personnel.

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This dataset has the following 31 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Reference # (Old Permit #)reference_old_permittextA sequential reference number issued by the Cashiering System, and used to file and retrieve original paper copies.
PCIS Permit #pcis_permittextThis is the permit number assigned by the Plan Check and Inspection System as soon as an application for a permit has been filed. Before a permit is issued, the number is known as the Application Number. After the permit is issued, this same number becomes the Permit Number.
Statuslatest_statustextStatus of a permit, or of a permit application.
Status Datestatus_datecalendar_datePermit status date.
Permit Typepermit_typetextPermit application type.
Permit Sub-Typepermit_sub_typetextThe permit sub-type determines whether the permit application is for a 1 or 2 family dwelling, a multi-family dwelling, or a commercial structure.
Permit Categorypermit_categorytextPermit category is used to determine how the permit application will be handled within the LADBS public counter and regular plan check business process.
Initiating Officeinitiating_officetextOffice location where the permit application is initiated, not necessarily issued.
Issue Dateissue_datecalendar_datePermit issue date.
Address Startaddress_startnumberBeginning house number of property address on permit application. Example 1: For "200 - 200 N Main Ave", Address Start is 200. Example 2: For "202 1/4 - 204 1/2 N Main St SE", Address Start is 202.
Street Namestreet_nametextStreet name of property address for permit application.
Street Suffixstreet_suffixtextStreet suffix of property address for permit application. Example 1: For "200 - 200 Main Ave", Street Suffix is Ave. Example 2: For "202 1/4 - 204 1/2 N Main St SE", Street Suffix is St.
Zip Codezip_codenumberZip code of property address for permit application.
Work Descriptionwork_descriptiontextDescribes the work to be performed under the permit application.
ValuationvaluationnumberThe property/structure valuation amount is used to calculate the building permit fee and all fees calculated as percentage of the building fee. For all building permit types, except for Grading, the valuation is measured in dollars. For Grading permit applications, the valuation is measured in cubic yards of soil removed or added.
Contractor's Business Namecontractors_business_nametextIf applicable, the contractor's business name.
Contractor Addresscontractor_addresstext"Street address" portion of contractor's address.
Contractor Citycontractor_citytext"City" portion of contractor's address.
Contractor Statecontractor_statetext"State" portion of contractor's address.
License Typelicense_typetextContractor's license type (class code).
License #licensenumberContractor's license number.
Principal First Nameprincipal_first_nametextFirst name of the contractor or personnel currently associated with the license.
Principal Last Nameprincipal_last_nametextLast name of the contractor or personnel currently associated with the license.
License Expiration Datelicense_expiration_datecalendar_dateContractor license expiration date.
Applicant First Nameapplicant_first_nametextFirst name of the permit applicant.
Applicant Last Nameapplicant_last_nametextLast name of the permit applicant.
Applicant Business Nameapplicant_business_nametextIf applicable, permit applicant's business name.
Applicant Address 1applicant_address_1textThe street address portion of the permit applicant's address.
Applicant Address 3applicant_address_3textThe city and state of the permit applicant's address.
ZonezonetextThe designated zone of the property or lot that determines the allowed use, maximum height, allowable area, required yards, and any other requirements specific to the property or lot.
Council Districtcouncil_districttextThe City of Los Angeles council district that has jurisdiction over the property.