Bureau of Contract Administration DPW PLA Projects Payroll Data CY 2018

data.lacity.org | Last Updated 17 Jan 2019

This is a sample data set and will not be updated. This payroll data is representative of what we use for our Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Report, posted on https://bca.lacity.org/pla_report The data is submitted by contractors to the Bureau of Contract Administration's Online Certified Payroll System and has been anonymized to exclude worker names and full addresses. Data is current as of January 17, 2019 for payrolls dated within calendar year 2018.

This dataset has the following 31 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Payr_Dtl_IDpayr_dtl_idnumberPayroll Detail ID, unique identifier for each payroll record
Payr_Wrkr_IDpayr_wrkr_idnumberPayroll Worker ID, unique identifier for each worker on a payroll
pla_type_idpla_type_idnumberProject Labor Agreement Type ID, 1 and 6 represent DPW (City of LA) project labor agreements
pla_Agencypla_agencytextProject Labor Agreement Agency, this is the agency in charge of administering the PLA
pla_Yearpla_yeartextProject Labor Agreement Year, PLA Year the project falls under
pla_tier_type_idpla_tier_type_idtextPLA Tier Type ID, each PLA has a different targeted set of "local" tier 1 and tier 2 zip codes
PRIME_WOprime_wotextPrime Work Order Number, each project has a general work order number associated with it
PROJ_KEYproj_keynumberProject Key, each project is assigned a project key
PROJ_TLEproj_tletextProject Title
PROJ_STATUS_CDproj_status_cdtextProject Status Code
CO_KEYco_keynumberCompany Key, each company is assigned a company key
CO_NMco_nmtextCompany Name
Wrkr_IDwrkr_idnumberWorker ID, each worker on each company is assigned a worker id. If they find work with another company, they are assigned a new worker id.
State_CDstate_cdtextState Code, worker's state of residence
Zip_CDzip_cdnumberZip Code, worker's zip code
Cncl_Distcncl_disttextCouncil District, worker's City of Los Angeles Council District. This field is manually entered by BCA analysts.
Weekend_Dtweekend_dttextWeek Ending Date, payroll week ending date.
Dly_Datedly_datetextDaily Date, a day a worker has worked as reported on their payroll
Wrk_Class_IDwrk_class_idnumberWork Class ID, each job classification is assigned an id
Wrk_Class_Descwrk_class_desctextWork Class Description, whole job classification (title) spelled out
tradetradetextTrade category the work class falls under
apprent_levelapprent_leveltextApprentice Level
Job Statusjob_statustextJob Status, Apprentice/Journeyman
Is_Apprentis_apprentcheckboxIs Apprentice, 1 means they are an apprentice, 0 means they are not
risk_IDrisk_idnumberRisk ID, 0 is "Non-Target", 1 is "Disadvantaged", and 2 is "Transitional"
Std_Hrs_Wrkstd_hrs_wrknumberStandard Hours Worked
OT_Hrs_Wrkot_hrs_wrknumberOvertime hours worked at 1.5 times regular rate
OT_Dbl_Wrkot_dbl_wrknumberOvertime hours worked at 2 times regular rate
OT_Trpl_Wrkot_trpl_wrknumberOvertime hours worked at 3 times regular rate
FM_Hrs_Wrkfm_hrs_wrknumberForeman hours worked
Dly_Ttl_Hrsdly_ttl_hrsnumberDaily total hours, sum of all the hours worked for the day