LADWP Water Supply in Acre Feet | Last Updated 29 Jan 2019

Sources of LADWP Water Supply in Acre Feet. MWD - Metropolitan Water District, LA Aqueduct, Local Groundwater, and Recycled Water.

Tags: water supply

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Date Valuedate_valuecalendar_dateDate
Fiscal YearyeartextJuly 1 through June 30
MWDmwdnumberThe Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provides a supplemental supply of water to its member agencies. MWD serves its member agencies as a water wholesaler and has no retail customers. LADWP is a member agency and relies on imported water purchased from MWD to meet its current water supply requirements not otherwise met from its other resources.
LA Aqueductla_aqueductnumberThe Los Angeles Aqueduct brings a significant amount of water to the City, depending on the snowfall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The LA Aqueduct was finished in 1913, more than 100 years ago.
Local Groundwaterlocal_groundwaternumberA key resource that the City of Los Angeles has relied upon is its local groundwater supply to balance its water supply portfolio. LADWP has entitlements, or water rights, in five separate local groundwater basins.
Recycled Waterrecycled_waternumberWater recycling offers a reliable, economically feasible and environmentally sensitive way to augment the city's water supplies. Recycling programs treat wastewater so that it can be used safely for irrigation and industrial purposes, groundwater replenishment, as a barrier against seawater intrusion and for other beneficial environmental uses.
Total Acre Feettotal_acre_feetnumberAn acre foot is 325,851 gallons
MWD % of Totalmwd_of_toalnumberMWD water purchased divided by total water supplied
LA Aqueduct % of Totalla_aqueduct_of_totalnumberLA Aqueduct supplied divided by total water supplied
Local Groundwater % of Totallocal_groundwater_of_totalnumberLocal Groundwater supplied divided by total water supplied
Recycled Water % of Totalrecycled_water_of_totalnumberRecycled Water supplied divided by total water supplied