Daily Ozone Air Quality Exceedances (2005-2017)

data.lacounty.gov | Last Updated 6 Dec 2019

Percentage of daily samples taken over a 365.25 day period exceeding state 8-hour ozone standard (>0.07 PPM) for each air quality subregion. Data from SCAQMD annual air quality summary tables and CARB iADAM query tables. Data presented as percentages based on the days of data.

Tags: #air quality, #climate, #public health, sustainability

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Central LA - Station No. 87central_la_station_no_87number
Northwest Coastal LA County - Station No. 91northwest_coastal_la_countynumber
Southwest Coastal LA County - Station No. 820southwest_coastal_la_countynumber
South Coastal LA County 1 - Station No. 72south_coastal_la_county_1number
South Coastal LA County 2 - Station No. 77south_coastal_la_county_2number
South Coastal LA County 3 - Station No. 33south_coastal_la_county_3number
West San Fernando Valley - Station No. 74west_san_fernando_valleynumber
East San Fernando Valley - Station No. 69east_san_fernando_valleynumber
West San Gabriel Valley - Station No. 88west_san_gabriel_valleynumber
East San Gabriel Valley 1 - Station No. 60east_san_gabriel_valley_1number
East San Gabriel Valley 2 - Station No. 591east_san_gabriel_valley_2number
Pomona/Walnut Valley - Station No. 75pomona_walnut_valley_stationnumber
South San Gabriel Valley - Station No. 85south_san_gabriel_valleynumber
South Central LA County - Station No. 84south_central_la_countynumber
Santa Clarita Valley - Station No. 90santa_clarita_valley_stationnumber
Lancaster - Division St. - Station No.lancaster_division_st_stationnumber