Deputy Details - Hit Shooting Incidents and Non-Hit Shooting Incidents 2010 to Present | Last Updated 30 Oct 2019

Tags: deputy details hit and non-hit shootings, crime, sheriff''s

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
INCIDENT NUMBERincident_numbernumberSystem assigned reference number
INCIDENT TYPEincident_typetextHit Shooting, Non-Hit Shooting, Warning Shot, Animal Shooting, Unintentional Discharge
INCIDENT DATEincident_datecalendar_dateDate and time the shooting incident occurred.
INCIDENT LOCATIONincident_locationtextLocation of shooting incident.
CITYcitytextCity of shooting incident.
REPORTING DISTRICTreporting_districttextIdentifies geographical areas within a patrol station.
GEO_LOCATIONgeo_locationlocationIncident location latitude and longitude.
# OF PERSONSof_suspectsnumber
PERSON RACEsupsect_racetext
DECEASEDdeceasedtextDeceased (Y) means that the suspect is deceased as a result of the shooting.
DEPUTY GENDERdeputy_gendertext
DEPUTY RACEdeputy_racetext
DEPUTY AGEdeputy_agenumber
YEARS OF SERVICEyears_of_servicenumber
DEPUTY ASSIGNED UNITdeputy_assigned_unittext
DEPUTY ASSIGNED UNIT NAMEdeputy_assigned_unit_nametext
INVOLVED IN PREVIOUS SHOOTINGSinvolved_in_previous_shootingstext
# OF PREVIOUS SHOOTINGSof_previous_shootingsnumber
DISTRICT ATTORNEY ACTIONdistrict_attorney_actiontext
TRAININGtrainingtextTraining (Y) means that training was recommended for the deputies after a review of the shooting was completed. Training (N) means the training was not recommended.
WEAPON INVOLVED CATEGORYweapon_involved_categorytext
WEAPON INVOLVED CATEGORY DESCweapon_involved_category_desctext