Beach Report Card Scores (2013-2018) | Last Updated 6 Dec 2019

Grades, beach location and analysis from Heal the Bay's Beach Report Card was used (2013-2018), which uses a 12-month grading period from April to March. Seasonal patterns of the most recent year’s grades (2017-2018), as well as trends over the last five years were used. As defined in Assembly Bill 411 in California, the summer dry grading period is from April through October. The winter dry weather grading period is from November through March. The year-round wet weather conditions are graded from April through March. Values may not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding.

Tags: #water, #open space, sustainability

This dataset has the following 106 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Location (AB411 Grades)location_ab411_gradestext
Leo Carrillo Beach at Arroyo Sequit Creek mouth (point zero)leo_carrillo_beach_at_arroyotext
Nicholas Beach at San Nicholas Canyon Creek mouth (point zero)nicholas_beach_at_san_nicholastext
Encinal Canyon at El Matador State Beachencinal_canyon_at_el_matadortext
Broad Beach at Trancas Creek mouth (point zero)broad_beach_at_trancas_creektext
Zuma Beach at Zuma Creek mouth (point zero)zuma_beach_at_zuma_creektext
Walnut Creek outlet, projection of Wildlife Roadwalnut_creek_outlet_projectiontext
Unnamed Creek, projection of Zumirez Dr. (Little Dume)unnamed_creek_projectiontext
Paradise Cove Pier at Ramirez Canyon Creek mouth (point zero)paradise_cove_pier_at_ramireztext
Escondido Creek, just east of Escondido State Beachescondido_creek_just_easttext
Latigo Canyon Creek mouth (point zero)latigo_canyon_creek_mouthtext
Solstice Canyon at Dan Blocker County Beachsolstice_canyon_at_dan_blockertext
Unnamed Creek, adjacent to public stairway at 24822 Malibu Rd.unnamed_creek_adjacent_totext
Puerco State Beach at creek mouth (point zero)puerco_state_beach_at_creektext
Marie Canyon storm drain at Puerco Beach, at 24572 Malibu Rd.marie_canyon_storm_draintext
Malibu Point (aka SMB-MC-1)malibu_point_aka_smb_mc_1text
Surfrider Beach (breach point) (aka SMB-MC-2)surfrider_beach_breach_pointtext
Malibu Pier- 50 yards east (aka SMB-MC-3)malibu_pier_50_yards_easttext
Carbon Beach at Sweetwater Canyoncarbon_beach_at_sweetwatertext
Las Flores State Beach at Las Flores Creek (point zero)las_flores_state_beach_attext
Big Rock Beach at 19948 PCH stairs (aka SMB-1-15)big_rock_beach_at_19948_pchtext
Pena Creek at Las Tunas County Beachpena_creek_at_las_tunas_countytext
Tuna Canyontuna_canyontext
Topanga Beach at creek mouth (aka SMB-1-18)topanga_beach_at_creek_mouthtext
Castlerock Storm Drain at Castle Rock Beachcastlerock_storm_drain_attext
Santa Ynez drain at Sunset Blvd.santa_ynez_drain_at_sunsettext
Will Rogers State Beach at 17200 PCH (1/4 mile east of Sunset drain) (aka SMB-2-3)will_rogers_state_beach_attext
Will Rogers State Beach at Bel Air Bay Club drain near fence (point zero)will_rogers_state_beach_at_1text
Will Rogers State Beach at Pulga Canyon storm drain (point zero)will_rogers_state_beach_at_2text
Will Rogers State Beach at Temescal Canyon drain (point zero)will_rogers_state_beach_at_3text
Will Rogers State Beach at Santa Monica Canyon drain (point zero)will_rogers_state_beach_at_4text
Santa Monica Beach at Montana Ave. drain (point zero)santa_monica_beach_at_montanatext
Santa Monica Beach at Wilshire Blvd. drain (point zero)santa_monica_beach_at_wilshiretext
Santa Monica Municipal Pier (point zero)santa_monica_municipal_piertext
Santa Monica Beach at Pico/Kenter storm drain (point zero)santa_monica_beach_at_picotext
Santa Monica Beach at Strand St. (in front of the restrooms) (aka SMB-3-9)santa_monica_beach_at_strandtext
Ocean Park Beach at Ashland Ave. drain (point zero)ocean_park_beach_at_ashlandtext
Venice City Beach, at the Rose Ave. storm drainvenice_city_beach_at_thetext
Venice City Beach at Brooks Ave. drain (aka SMB-3-7)venice_city_beach_at_brookstext
Venice City Beach at Windward Ave. drain (point zero)venice_city_beach_at_windwardtext
Venice Fishing Pier- 50 yards south (aka SMB-2-8)venice_fishing_pier_50_yardstext
Venice City Beach at Topsail St. (aka SMB-2-9)venice_city_beach_at_topsailtext
Marina del Rey, Mothers' Beach-Playground area (aka MdRH-1)marina_del_rey_mothers_beachtext
Marina del Rey, Mothers' Beach-lifeguard tower (aka MdRH-2)marina_del_rey_mothers_beach_1text
Marina del Rey, Mothers' Beach-btwn. Tower and Boat dock (aka MdRH-3)marina_del_rey_mothers_beach_2text
Dockweiler State Beach at Ballona Creek mouth (point zero) (new 2017)dockweiler_state_beach_attext
Dockweiler State Beach at Culver Blvd. drain (aka SMB-2-10)dockweiler_state_beach_at_1text
North Westchester Storm Drain at Dockweiler State Beachnorth_westchester_storm_draintext
Dockweiler State Beach at World Way (south of D&W jetty) (aka SMB-2-12)dockweiler_state_beach_at_2text
Dockweiler State Beach at Imperial Hwy drain (point zero)dockweiler_state_beach_at_3text
Hyperion Treatment Plant One Mile Outfall (aka SMB-2-14)hyperion_treatment_planttext
Dockweiler State Beach at Grand Ave. drain (aka SMB-2-15)dockweiler_state_beach_at_4text
Manhattan State Beach at 40th Street (aka SMB-5-1)manhattan_state_beach_attext
Manhattan Beach at 28th St. drain (aka SMB-5-2)manhattan_beach_at_28th_sttext
Manhattan Beach Pier drain (point zero)manhattan_beach_pier_draintext
Hermosa City Beach at 26th St. (aka SMB-5-4)hermosa_city_beach_at_26thtext
Hermosa Beach Pier- 50 yards south (aka SMB-5-5)hermosa_beach_pier_50_yardstext
Herondo Street storm drain- (in front of the drain) (aka SMB-6-1)herondo_street_storm_draintext
Redondo Municipal Pier 100 yards southredondo_municipal_pier_100text
Redondo State Beach at Sapphire Streetredondo_state_beach_attext
Redondo State Beach at Topaz St. - north of jetty (aka SMB-6-4)redondo_state_beach_at_topaztext
Torrance Beach at Avenue I drain (point zero)torrance_beach_at_avenuetext
Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates - at trail outlet (aka SMB-6-6)malaga_cove_palos_verdestext
Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates - at rocks (aka SMB-7-1)malaga_cove_palos_verdes_1text
Palos Verdes (Bluff) Cove, Palos Verdes Estates (aka SMB-7-2)palos_verdes_bluff_cove_palostext
Long Point, Rancho Palos Verdes (aka SMB-7-3)long_point_rancho_palos_verdestext
Abalone Cove Shoreline Park (aka SMB-7-4)abalone_cove_shoreline_parktext
Portuguese Bend Cove, Rancho Palos Verdes (aka SMB-7-5)portuguese_bend_cove_ranchotext
Royal Palms State Beach (aka SMB-7-6)royal_palms_state_beach_akatext
Wilder Annex, San Pedro (aka SMB-7-8)wilder_annex_san_pedro_akatext
Cabrillo Beach, oceanside (aka SMB-7-9)cabrillo_beach_oceansidetext
Cabrillo Beach - harborside at restroomscabrillo_beach_harborsidetext
Cabrillo Beach - harborside at boat launchcabrillo_beach_harborside_1text
Descanso Bay - end of beach (new 2017)descanso_bay_end_of_beachtext
Descanso Bay - between fire pits (new 2017)descanso_bay_between_firetext
Avalon Beach - east of the Casino Arch at the stepsavalon_beach_east_of_thetext
Avalon Beach - 100 feet west of the Green Pleasure Pieravalon_beach_100_feet_westtext
Avalon Beach - 50 feet west of the Green Pleasure Pieravalon_beach_50_feet_westtext
Avalon Beach - 50 feet east of the Green Pleasure Pieravalon_beach_50_feet_easttext
Avalon Beach - 100 feet east of the Green Pleasure Pieravalon_beach_100_feet_easttext
Long Beach City Beach, projection of 5th Placelong_beach_city_beachtext
Long Beach City Beach, projection of 10th Placelong_beach_city_beach_1text
Long Beach City Beach, projection of Molino Av.long_beach_city_beach_2text
Long Beach City Beach, projection of Coronado Ave.long_beach_city_beach_3text
Belmont Pier-westsidebelmont_pier_westsidetext
Long Beach City Beach, projection of Prospect Av.long_beach_city_beach_4text
Long Beach City Beach, projection of Granada Av.long_beach_city_beach_5text
Alamitos Bay - 2nd St. Bridge & Bayshorealamitos_bay_2nd_st_bridgetext
Alamitos Bay - shore floatalamitos_bay_shore_floattext
Mother's Beach - Long Beach - north endmother_s_beach_long_beachtext
Alamitos Bay - 56th Place - on baysidealamitos_bay_56th_place_ontext
Long Beach City Beach, projection of 55th Placelong_beach_city_beach_6text
Long Beach City Beach, projection of 72nd Placelong_beach_city_beach_7text
Colorado Lagoon-northcolorado_lagoon_northtext
Colorado Lagoon-southcolorado_lagoon_southtext
Grade Agrade_anumber
Grade Bgrade_bnumber
Grade Cgrade_cnumber
Grade Dgrade_dnumber
Grade Fgrade_fnumber
Grade A (%)grade_a_number
Grade B(%)grade_b_number
Grade C (%)grade_c_number
Grade D (%)grade_d_number
Grade F (%)grade_f_number