Daily PM10 Air Quality Exceedences State 24hr (2005-2017)

data.lacounty.gov | Last Updated 6 Dec 2019

Percentage of daily samples taken over a 365.25 day period exceeding state 24-hour PM 10 standard for each air quality subregion. Data from SCAQMD annual air quality summary tables and CARB iADAM query tables. Data presented as percentages based on the days of data.

Tags: #air quality, #health, #climate, sustainability

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Central LA - Station No. 87central_la_station_no_87number
Northwest Coastal LA County - Station No. 91northwest_coastal_la_countytext
Southwest Coastal LA County 2 - Station No. 820southwest_coastal_la_countynumber
South Coastal LA County 1 - Station No. 72south_coastal_la_county_1number
South Coastal LA County 2 - Station No. 77south_coastal_la_county_2number
South Coastal LA County 3 - Station No. 33south_coastal_la_county_3number
West San Fernando Valley - Station No. 74west_san_fernando_valleytext
East San Fernando Valley - Station No. 69east_san_fernando_valleynumber
West San Gabriel Valley - Station No. 88west_san_gabriel_valleynumber
East San Gabriel Valley 1 - Station No. 60east_san_gabriel_valley_1number
East San Gabriel Valley 2 - Station No. 591east_san_gabriel_valley_2number
Pomona/Walnut Valley - Station No. 75pomona_walnut_valley_stationtext
South San Gabriel Valley - Station No. 85south_san_gabriel_valleytext
South Central LA County - Station No. 84south_central_la_countytext
Santa Clarita Valley - Station No. 90santa_clarita_valley_stationnumber
Lancaster - Division St.lancaster_division_stnumber