Southern Marin Falls, Pts >64 yrs old | Last Updated 4 Apr 2017

Emergency Medical Service ambulance dispatch incidents in Marin County, CA, for the period beginning March 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016. Data is updated quarterly. Data includes time stamps of events for each dispatch, nature of injury, and location of injury. Data also includes geocoding of most incident locations, however, specific street address locations are "obfuscated" and are generally shown within a block and are not, therefore, exact locations. Geocoding results are also based on the quality of the address information provided, and should therefore not be considered 100% accurate. Some of the data may be interpreted incorrectly without adequate knowledge of the clinical context. Please contact if you have any questions about the interpretation of fields in this dataset.

Tags: ems, emergency medical service, ambulance, dispatch, marin county data

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Incident Numberincident_numbertext
Time Call Was Receivedtime_call_was_receivedcalendar_date
Time Vehicle was Dispatchedtime_vehicle_was_dispatchedcalendar_date
Time Vehicle was en Route to Scenetime_vehicle_was_en_route_to_scenecalendar_date
Time Arrived on Scenetime_arrived_on_scenecalendar_date
Time Arrived at Patienttime_arrived_at_patientcalendar_date
Time Departed from the Scenetime_departed_from_the_scenecalendar_date
Time Arrived to Next Destination (i.e., Hospital)time_arrived_at_hospitalcalendar_date
Incident Addressincident_address_reportingtext
Incident Cityincident_citytext
Incident ZIP Postalincident_zip_postaltext
Incident Countyincident_countytext
Primary Impressionprimary_impressiontext
Primary Injuryinjury_primarytext
Injury Detailinjury_detailtext
Injury Placeinjury_placetext
Injury Dateinjury_datecalendar_date
Protocol Used by EMS Personnelprotocol_usedtext
Patient Agepatient_agenumber
Patient Home Countypatient_home_countytext
Patient Gendergendertext
Where Patient was Transportedtransported_to_destinationtext
Incident Geocode Locationlocation_1location
Incident Latitudelatitudenumber
Incident Longitudelongitudenumber
Unique IDunique_idtext