Salary Book | Last Updated 9 Oct 2018

The job title, job class code, hours per pay period, number of steps, hourly step rates, and yearly step rates per job classification.

Tags: salary, classifications, pay, rates, employees, marin county data, book

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Job Class Codejob_class_codenumber
Hours per Biweekly Periodhours_per_periodnumber
Number of Stepsnumber_of_stepsnumber
Min Yearlymin_yearlynumber
Max Yearlymax_yearlynumber
Hourly Step 1hourly_step_1number
Hourly Step 2hourly_step_2number
Hourly Step 3hourly_step_3number
Hourly Step 4hourly_step_4number
Hourly Step 5hourly_step_5number
Yearly Step 1yearly_step_1number
Yearly Step 2yearly_step_2number
Yearly Step 3yearly_step_3number
Yearly Step 4yearly_step_4number
Yearly Step 5yearly_step_5number