Landmarks and places of interest, including schools, theatres, health services, sports facilities, places of worship, galleries and museums. | Last Updated 19 Nov 2019

This dataset contains a description and co-ordinates of places of interest within the City of Melbourne. Themes include: Community Use, Education Centre, Health Services, Leisure/Recreation, Mixed Use, Office, Place Of Assembly, Place of Worship, Purpose Built, Retail, Transport, Vacant Land Sub-themes include: Art Gallery/Museum, Church, Function/Conference/Exhibition Centre, Informal Outdoor Facility (Park/Garden/Reserve), Major Sports & Recreation Facility, Office, Public Buildings, Public Hospital, Railway Station, Retail/Office/Carpark, Tertiary (University), Theatre Live

Tags: landmarks, significant, buildings, worship, transport, sport, recreation, eventsplanner, accessibility

This dataset has the following 4 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ThemethemetextTheme(category) of feature name.
Sub ThemesubthemetextSubtheme(subcategory) of the feature name.
Feature NamefeaturenamtextName of the landmark.
Co-ordinatesgeomlocationCo-ordinates of the landmark.