On-street Parking Bay Sensors

data.melbourne.vic.gov.au | Last Updated 14 Dec 2019

<b>General Information:</b> Contains information from in-ground car parking bay sensors across the city with status indicating if a car is present or not present, the spatial coordinate of the sensor, and the street marker id. <b>Accessing the most current data:</b> To access the most recent data please use the <a href='https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/resource/vh2v-4nfs.json?$limit=5000'>v2.0 SODA API endpoint</a> or the <a href='https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/api/views/vh2v-4nfs/rows.csv?accessType=DOWNLOAD'>CSV download link</a>. Accessing the data from Socrata's v2.1 SODA API will access cached data which is only updated hourly. <b>Additional information:</b> Further information about City of Melbourne's parking sensors can be found <a href="https://melbourne.vic.gov.au/parking-and-transport/parking/Pages/parking-faqs.aspx#sensors">here</a>. <b>How the data joins:</b> There are three datasets that make up the live parking sensor release. They are the on-street parking bay sensors, <a href="https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Transport-Movement/On-street-Parking-Bays/crvt-b4kt">on-street parking bays</a> and the <a href="https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Transport-Movement/On-street-Car-Park-Bay-Restrictions/ntht-5rk7/data">on-street car park bay restrictions</a>. The way the datasets join is as follows. The on-street parking bay sensors join to the on-street parking bays by the marker_id attribute. The on-street parking bay sensors join to the on-street car park bay information by the bay_id attribute. The on-street parking bays and the on-street car park bay information don’t currently join. <b>Feedback welcome</b> This dataset is currently in a beta release and your feedback about enhancements or issues can be sent to opendata@melbourne.vic.gov.au. <b>Disclaimer</b> While all due care has been taken to ensure the data of this website is accurate, current and available please note: · there may be errors or omission in it · there may be occasions where the data is not available and/or the website will be unavailable. The City of Melbourne and its employees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost or liability whatsoever (including in contract, tort including negligence, pursuant to statue and otherwise) arising in respect of or in connection with accessing, using or reliance upon the data in this website, or the unavailability of the data or the website. <b>Require additional support?</b> Discuss your needs for additional support or up-time with the <a href="mailto:opendata@melbourne.vic.gov.au">Open Data Team</a>.

Tags: parking, sensor, near real-time, vacancy, transport, travel, disability, accessibility, sensors, safemobility

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
bay_idbay_idnumberThe unique ID of the parking bay where the parking sensor is located
st_marker_idst_marker_idtextThe street marker that is located next to the parking bay with a unique id for the bay. Often a small round, metal plaque found on the pavement next to the bay
statusstatustextThe status will either display: Occupied – A car is present in the parking bay at that time. Unoccupied – The parking bay is available at that time.
locationlocationlocationThe latitude and longitude of the parking bay
latlatnumberThe latitude of the parking bay
lonlonnumberThe longitude of the parking bay