Streetlight Fixtures | Last Updated 13 Mar 2019

This feature class identifies all streetlight fixtures within the boundary of the City of Mesa, including portions of other bordering agencies. A streetlight fixture includes the lamp, pole, and photocell, if present. Data are stored as a point geometry type feature class in the City Enterprise Geodatabase. The projected coordinate system is NAD 1983 State Plane Arizona Central FIPS 0202 Feet.

Tags: streetlights, street lights, fixtures, cabinets, poles, transportation

This dataset has the following 37 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Object IDobject_idtextThis field is a computer-generated unique ID.
Fixture Numberfixture_numbertextThis field indicates the number assigned to the fixture.
LocationlocationtextStreetlight Location
Fixture Usagefixture_usagetextThis field designates what the lighting is for: Roadway, Novelty (decorative), or Pedestrian.
Fixture Typefixture_typetextThis field indicates the type of fixture: Cobra Head, Column, Decorative, Post Top, Shoebox, Transit, Wall Pack.
BrandbrandtextThis field indicates the brand of the fixture: American Electric, Cooper, Cree, Firstlight, GE, Kim, Phillips, Sternberg, Sterner, Wild West.
Model Descriptionmodel_descriptiontextThis field describes the model of the fixture.
Model Numbermodel_numbertextThis field indicates the model number of the fixture.
Lamp Typelamp_typetextThis field describes the type of lamp used in the fixture: high pressure sodium (HPS), light-emitting diode (LED), or metal halide (MH).
WattagewattagenumberThis field indicates the wattage of the lamp, or the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light.
LumenlumentextThis field indicates the lumens of the lamp, or the amount of light a certain lamp gives off.
Color Correlated Temperaturecolor_correlated_temperaturetextThe Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is a specification of the color appearance of the light emitted by a lamp measured in degrees Kelvin (K).
Distribution Typedistribution_typetextThis field describes the type of shape the light takes on the ground.
Photo Cellphoto_celltextThis field indicates whether a photo cell is installed on the fixture or not. A photoconductive cell turns streetlights on and off automatically according to the level of daylight. One photo cell can control multiple streetlights.
Monitor Systemmonitor_systemtextThis field indicates the name of the monitor system company.
Small Cellsmall_celltextThis is the name of the company who has a cellular tower attached to pole, if applicable.
ShieldshieldtextThis field indicates whether there is a shield on the fixture or not.
PolepoletextThis field describes the type of pole used for the fixture.
UtilityutilitytextThis field indicates who provides the electrical feed for the fixture: Salt River Project (SRP) or City Of Mesa (COM).
Feed Methodfeed_methodtextThis field indicates the type of power feed to the fixture: Cabinet, Individual, Metered Pedestal, or Unmetered Pedestal.
Cabinet Numbercabinet_numbertextThis is the number of the cabinet that the fixture is assigned to.
Cabinet IDcabinet_idtextThis number correlates to the Link ID in the Cabinet Feature Class.
Project Nameproject_nametextThis field indicates the name of the project that the streetlight installation corresponds to.
Letter of Acceptanceletter_of_acceptancecalendar_dateLetter of Acceptance: this is the date a project passes final inspection.
Path IDpath_idtextThis field indicates the name of the Multiuse Pathway that the fixture is on, if applicable.
Pole IDpole_idtextThis field indicates the unique identifier for the pole, if applicable.
County Lightcounty_lighttextThis field indicates whether the fixture is within Maricopa County jurisdiction or not.
Cityworks Work Ordercityworks_work_ordertextThis field indicates the Cityworks Work Order. Cityworks is our work management system.
VerifiedverifiedtextThis field indicates whether the fixture is staff verified or not.
BoundaryboundarytextThe field indicates which City of Mesa Streetlights Crew is responsible for the fixture: East or West.
Quarter Sectionquarter_sectiontextThis field indicates the quarter section containing the fixture.
Is Activeis_activecheckboxThis field indicates whether a fixture is currently being maintained by the City of Mesa.
Facility IDfacility_idtextThis field is a computer-generated unique identifier used for Cityworks, which is our work management system.
Link Keylink_keytextThis field is a reference ID for an associated street segment.
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude of location where the streelight fixture is located.
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude of location where the streelight fixture is located.
GeolocationgeolocationpointGeocoded Location of the streetlight fixture