Code Violations | Last Updated 25 Feb 2019

This dataset includes both Code Violations as determined by City of Mesa and reported complaints only, but no code violation found. Some data for cases between July 2017- July 2018 is unreliable and is excluded. This dataset does not include the status of the violation except to include the date the violation was closed. Individual up-to-date case status can be found at Also includes violations that were voluntary complied with. Included: Cases opened since Jan 1, 2005 (with one file per calendar year). These cases were found by a City of Mesa Code Officer to be in violation of one or more city or state codes and are denoted by a value of "N" in "Complaint Only" field. In 2005-2006, the City of Mesa employed 22 Code Officers. Since that time, the number of Code Officers has been reduced to 10. Not Included: Commercial or Residential construction projects, Demolitions, Applications for Documents or Services, Planning Cases, or Engineering Projects.

Tags: code, compliance, violation

This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Case Numbercase_numbertextThe case number used to refer to this complaint record. This number consists of: 1) A three-character prefix (usually COD which means a code complaint); 2) A four-digit year (the year in which the application was made); 3) A hyphen; 4) A five-digit sequential number
AddressaddresstextThe street address where the violation took place
Street Numberstreet_numbertextStreet Number where the violation happened
Street Directionstreet_directiontextStreet Direction where the violation happened
Street Namestreet_nametextStreet Name where the violation happened
Street Typestreet_typetextStreet Type where the violation happened
Parcel Numberparcel_numbertextThe primary parcel number associated with this permit This number is assigned by Maricopa County and consists of: Book Number (first three characters), Page Number (next two characters), Parcel Number (last three or four characters)
Council Districtcouncil_districttextRefers to the number of the City of Mesa Council District. Valid values are 1 through 6. For a map of council districts, please go to http://wwwmesaazgov/home/showdocument?id=9416
Ordinance in Violationordinance_in_violationtextThe ordinance number associated to the violation For more information, please refer to Mesa City Codes/Laws/Ordinances and/or Arizona Revised Statutes
Date Violation Openeddate_violation_openedcalendar_dateThe date the violation occurred
Year Violation Openedyear_openedtextThe year the violation occurred
Month Violation Openedmonth_violation_openedtextThe month the violation occurred
Date Violation Closeddate_violation_closedcalendar_dateThe date the violation was closed. If blank, violation is still in effect.
Year Violation Closedyear_violation_closedtextThe year the violation was closed. If blank, violation is still in effect.
Month Violation Closedmonth_violation_closedtextThe month the violation was closed. If blank, violation is still in effect.
Voluntary Compliancevoluntary_compliancetextNotes if the case was resolved after courtesy notice, staff action, or Notice of Ordinance
Complaint OnlycomplainttextY if this was a complaint only, no code violation found. N if this was found to be a code violation. Then becomes a code case.
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude of location where the violation happened
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude of location where the violation happened
LocationlocationlocationGeocoded Location