Pollution Control

data.monroecounty-fl.gov | Last Updated 13 Jun 2017

Data from the pollution control application

Tags: solid waste, pollution control, transfer stations

This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Work Order Nowork_order_notextnumber used by solid waste department to identify work orders
Work Datework_datecalendar_dateself-explanatory
Locationlocationtextgeneral area of the pick up
Typetypetextkind of pick up
Bill Tobill_totextwhich organization (if any) to bill for the pick up
Bill?billtextShould someone be billed for this job?
Materialmaterialtextthe type of item picked up
Detaildetailtextdescription of the pick up
Disposal Costdisposal_costnumberbasic cost of the pick up
Number of Loadsnumber_of_loadsnumberinteger
Weightweight_lbsnumberweight of the items picked up
Truck Numbertruck_numbertextevery truck has a unique number
Truck Typetruck_typetexttext
Truck Maketruck_maketexttext
Truck Hourly Ratetruck_hourly_ratenumbereach truck has its own rate
Truck Notetruck_notetextmiscellaneous comments on the trucks
MenmennumberNumber of people used on the pick up
Hourshoursnumbertime required for pick up
Labor Totallabor_totalnumberhours X truck_hourly_rate
Disposal Sitedisposal_sitetextpicked up items are disposed of at this site
Bill Amountbill_amountnumberdisposal_cost + labor_total