Employee Salaries - 2017

data.montgomerycountymd.gov | Last Updated 6 Aug 2018

Annual salary information including gross pay and overtime pay for all active, permanent employees of Montgomery County, MD paid in calendar year 2017. This information will be published annually each year.

Tags: 2017, annual, employee salaries, overtime, gross pay, salary and gender

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Full Namefull_nametextLast name & first name of the employee (with middle initial, as available).
Current Annual Salarycurrent_annual_salarynumberAnnual salary for the employee at the end of calendar 2017. This includes base salary, longevity pay, pay differentials, etc. NOTE: This is the projected salary based on employee status and hours the employee is scheduled to work.
2017 Gross Pay Received_2017_gross_pay_receivednumberAll earnings/wages before pre-tax deductions the employee received during 2017. This includes base salary, longevity pay, pay differentials, performance pay, overtime pay, etc. It does not include imputed earnings.
2017 Overtime Pay_2017_overtime_paynumber
DepartmentdepartmenttextDepartment code for the department to which the employee is assigned.
Department Namedepartment_nametextName of the County Department to which the employee is assigned.
DivisiondivisiontextName of the division within the County department to which the employee is assigned.
Assignment Categoryassignment_categorytextType of employment (Full-time Regular, Part-time Regular).
Employee Position Titleemployee_position_titletextPosition title for the employee.
Position Under-Filledposition_under_filledtextIf filled, the employee currently holds a lower ranking job title and is currently filling a higher level position.
Date First Hireddate_first_hiredcalendar_dateDate the employee was first hired by the County.