Traffic Violations | Last Updated 5 Apr 2019

This dataset contains traffic violation information from all electronic traffic violations issued in the County. Any information that can be used to uniquely identify the vehicle, the vehicle owner or the officer issuing the violation will not be published. Update Frequency: Daily

Tags: traffic, stop, violations, electronic issued.

This dataset has the following 36 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
SeqIDseq_idtextUnique traffic stop ID
Date Of Stopdate_of_stopcalendar_dateDate of the traffic violation.
Time Of Stoptime_of_stoptextTime of the traffic violation.
AgencyagencytextAgency issuing the traffic violation. (Example: MCP is Montgomery County Police)
SubAgencysubagencytextCourt code representing the district of assignment of the officer. R15 = 1st district, Rockville B15 = 2nd district, Bethesda SS15 = 3rd district, Silver Spring WG15 = 4th district, Wheaton G15 = 5th district, Germantown M15 = 6th district, Gaithersburg / Montgomery Village HQ15 = Headquarters and Special Operations
DescriptiondescriptiontextText description of the specific charge.
LocationlocationtextLocation of the violation, usually an address or intersection.
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude location of the traffic violation.
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude location of the traffic violation.
AccidentaccidenttextYES if traffic violation involved an accident.
BeltsbeltstextYES if seat belts were in use in accident cases.
Personal Injurypersonal_injurytextYes if traffic violation involved Personal Injury.
Property Damageproperty_damagetextYes if traffic violation involved Property Damage.
FatalfataltextYes if traffic violation involved a fatality.
Commercial Licensecommercial_licensetextYes if driver holds a Commercial Drivers License
HAZMAThazmattextYes if the traffic violation involved hazardous materials.
Commercial Vehiclecommercial_vehicletextYes if the vehicle committing the traffic violation is a commercial vehicle.
AlcoholalcoholtextYes if the traffic violation included an alcohol related suspension.
Work Zonework_zonetextYes if the traffic violation was in a work zone.
StatestatetextState issuing the vehicle registration.
VehicleTypevehicle_typetextType of vehicle (Examples: Automobile, Station Wagon, Heavy Duty Truck, etc.)
YearyeartextYear vehicle was made.
MakemaketextManufacturer of the vehicle (Examples: Ford, Chevy, Honda, Toyota, etc.)
ModelmodeltextModel of the vehicle.
ColorcolortextColor of the vehicle.
Violation Typeviolation_typetextViolation type. (Examples: Warning, Citation, SERO)
ChargechargetextNumeric code for the specific charge.
ArticlearticletextArticle of State Law. (TA = Transportation Article, MR = Maryland Rules)
Contributed To Accidentcontributed_to_accidenttextIf the traffic violation was a contributing factor in an accident.
RaceracetextRace of the driver. (Example: Asian, Black, White, Other, etc.)
GendergendertextGender of the driver (F = Female, M = Male)
Driver Citydriver_citytextCity of the driver’s home address.
Driver Statedriver_statetextState of the driver’s home address.
DL Statedl_statetextState issuing the Driver’s License.
Arrest Typearrest_typetextType of Arrest (A = Marked, B = Unmarked, etc.)
GeolocationgeolocationlocationGeo-coded location information.