Salary Schedule | Last Updated 3 Apr 2023

This dataset highlights the General Salary Schedule (GSS), Police Leadership Service (PLS) and Management Leadership Services (MLS) salary adjustments from Fiscal Year 2015 to current. The additional Salary Schedule information can be viewed at

Tags: salary, schedule, management, leadership, service, adjustment

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumberReflects the MCG annual financial reporting year which is July 1 thru June 30.
Effective Dateeffective_datecalendar_dateDate salary change became effective.
Salary Schedulesalary_scheduletextReflects the pay range for the grade of the job.
GradegradetextRepresents the level of the job as determined by the classification and compensation evaluation system.
MinimumminimumtextThe lowest salary that an employee can be paid for the respective grade.
MidpointmidpointtextThe average of the minimum and maximum salary of the range.
MaximummaximumtextThe highest salary that an employee can be paid for the respective grade.
Performance Longevity Maximumperformance_longevity_maximumtextReflects the salary for employees above the maximum of the salary grade who have met specific requirements for longevity pay.
Longevity Incrementlongevity_incrementtextReflects the salary percent increase for employees who reached top of the salary schedule for their respective grade.
General Wage Adjustment (GWA)gwatextAn annual wage adjustment or cost of living adjustment (COLA) given to employees.