Stormwater Management Concept Information | Last Updated 1 Aug 2022

A stormwater management concept is a statement or drawing, or both, describing the manner in which stormwater runoff from a proposed development will be controlled to minimize damage to neighboring properties and receiving streams and to also prevent the discharge of pollutants into surface waters. Update Frequency : Daily.

Tags: permit, stormwater, runoff, water quality, pollution, waiver, drainage

This dataset has the following 38 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Application TypeapplicationtypetextType of application
Application Numberapplication_numbertextNumber assigned to the application
Process Dateprocess_datecalendar_dateThe date that the applicant submitted the concept/plan and the information entered into the database
Approved Dateapproveddatecalendar_dateThe date that the application was approved
Project Nameproject_nametextThe name of the project
WSSC Mapwssc_maptextWSSC Map grid
Tax Maptax_maptextTax Map grid
Site Areasite_areanumberThe number of acres that the Stormwater Management Concept includes.
Proposed Disturbed Areaproposed_disturbed_areanumberThe number of acres disturbed in the plan.
Proposed Impervious Areaproposed_impervious_areanumberThe number of proposed impervious acres in the plan.
Current Zoningcurrent_zoningtextCurrent Zoning
Proposed Zoningproposed_zoningtextProposed Zoning
Current Land usecurrent_land_usetextCurrent Land use
Proposed Land Useproposed_land_usetextProposed Land Use
State Water Usestate_water_usetextState Water Use
Requested Waiverrequested_waivertextRequested Waiver
Onsite Quantity Controlonsite_quantitycontroltextOnsite Quantity Control
Quantity Controlquantitycontrol_acnumberQuantity Control
Onsite Quality Controlonsite_qualitycontroltextOnsite Quality Control
Quality Controlqualitycontrol_acnumberQuality Control
Quantity Waiver Proposedquantity_waiver_proposedtextQuantity Waiver Proposed
Quantity Waiver Acres Proposedquantity_waiver_acres_proposednumberQuantity Waiver Acres Proposed
Quality Waiver Proposedquality_waiver_proposedtextQuality Waiver Proposed
Quality Waiver Acres Proposedquality_waiver_acres_proposednumberQuality Waiver Acres Proposed
Street NumberstnotextStreet number of work location
Pre-directionpredirtextAddress pre-direction (e.g., N = North, S = South, E = East, W = West)
Street NamestnametextStreet name of work location
Street SuffixsuffixtextStreet suffix, such as ST (Street), PL (Place), RD (Road).
Post-directionpostdirtextPost-direction, if the street name has a direction after the name. For example, University Blvd W.
CitycitytextCity of work location
StatestatetextState of work location
ZIP codezipnumberZip Code of work location
Work LocationlocationtextDescription of the location of work being performed.  Typically used when the activity is not at a discrete property address.