Library Services | Last Updated 31 May 2019

Demographic and asset information of public libraries Update Frequency: Annual

Tags: libraries, branch, mcpl

This dataset has the following 105 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
BranchbranchtextName of Library
AddressaddresstextStreet Address
Square FeetgsfnumberGross Square Feet of the library
Inventoryfy16_inventorynumberNumber of Assets in the library—previous fiscal year
Population Sizepopulation_sizenumberResidents in the area
Phonepublic_phonetextMain Phone Number
TTY Phonetty_phonetextTTY Phone
Sunday Opensunday_opentextHour Library opens
Sunday Closesunday_closetextHour Library closes
Monday Openmonday_opentextHour Library opens
Monday Closemonday_closetextHour Library closes
Tuesday Opentuesday_opentextHour Library opens
Tuesday Closetuesday_closetextHour Library closes
Wednesday Openwednesday_opentextHour Library opens
Wednesday Closewednesday_closetextHour Library closes
Thursday Openthursday_opentextHour Library opens
Thursday Closethursday_closetextHour Library closes
Friday Openfriday_opentextHour Library opens
Friday Closefriday_closetextHour Library closes
Saturday Opensaturday_opentextHour Library opens
Saturday Closesaturday_closetextHour Library closes
Wi-FiwifitextPublic Wi-Fi
Chargingmobile_charging_stationtextMobile Charging Station
Go Kitsgo_kitstext
Literacy After Schoolearly_literacy_and_afterschool_computerstextearly literacy and afterschool computers
Collaborationcollaboration_roomtextCollaboration Room
Discovery Roomdiscovery_roomtextDiscovery Room
3D printers_3d_printerstext3D printers
E-Readerereader_lendingtextE-Reader Lending
Laptopslaptop_lendingtextLaptop Lending
amharic adultamharic_adulttextamharic adult
amharic childamharic_childtextamharic child
chinese adultchinese_adulttextchinese adult
chinese childchinese_childtextchinese child
farsi adultfarsi_adulttextfarsi adult
farsi childfarsi_childtextfarsi child
french adultfrench_adulttextfrench adult
french childfrench_childtextfrench child
korean adultkorean_adulttextkorean adult
korean childkorean_childtextkorean child
russian adultrussian_adulttextrussian adult
russian childrussian_childtextrussian child
spanish adultspanish_adulttextspanish adult
spanish childspanish_childtextspanish child
vietnamese adultvietnamese_adulttextvietnamese adult
vietnamese childvietnamese_childtextvietnamese child
Metro Stationmetro_stationtextNearby Metro Station
Bike Share 2closest_bike_share_cross_street_2textClosest Bike Share Cross Street station 2
Bike Share 1closest_bike_share_cross_street_1textClosest Bike Share Cross Street station 1
Bus 4bus_4textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 5bus_5textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 6bus_6textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 7bus_7textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 9bus_9textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 12bus_12textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 14bus_14textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 15bus_15textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 16bus_16textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 17bus_17textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 19bus_19textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 20bus_20textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 23bus_23textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 26bus_26textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 29bus_29textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 33bus_33textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 34bus_34textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 36bus_36textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 45bus_45textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 47bus_47textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 48bus_48textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 53bus_53textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 55bus_55textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 56bus_56textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 58bus_58textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 59bus_59textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 76bus_76textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 90bus_90textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 97bus_97textNearby Bus Stop
Bus 98bus_98textNearby Bus Stop
Bus j2bus_j2textNearby Bus Stop
Bus l8bus_l8textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus c2metrobus_c2textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus c4metrobus_c4textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus C8metrobus_c8textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus d5metrobus_d5textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus f4metrobus_f4textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus j2metrobus_j2textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus j3metrobus_j3textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus j4metrobus_j4textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus l8metrobus_l8textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus Q1metrobus_q1textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus Q2metrobus_q2textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus T2metrobus_t2textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus z2metrobus_z2textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus Z8metrobus_z8textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus Z6metrobus_z6textNearby Bus Stop
metrobus Z9metrobus_z9textNearby Bus Stop
LocationlocationlocationGeo location of address