Special Protection Area Review Data

data.montgomerycountymd.gov | Last Updated 17 Jun 2015

A Special Protection Area (SPA) is a geographic area designated by the County Council which has high quality or unusually sensitive water resources and environmental features that would be threatened by proposed land development if special water quality protection measures were not applied. This dataset tracks reviews for development in all SPAs. Update Frequency : Daily.

Tags: permit, water, sensitive water resources, environmental features, proposed land development, water quality, protection measures, spa

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Application TypeapplicationtypetextType of application
Application Numberapplication_notextNumber assigned to the SPA application.
Processed Dateprocess_datecalendar_dateDate that the application was processed into the DPS Permit System.
Approved Dateapproveddatecalendar_dateThe date that the application was approved
Project NameprojnametextThe name of the project
DescriptiondescriptiontextDescription of planned work
Street NumberstnotextStreet number of work location
Pre-directionpredirtextAddress pre-direction (e.g., N = North, S = South, E = East, W = West)
Street NamestnametextStreet name of work location
Street SuffixsuffixtextStreet suffix, such as ST (Street), PL (Place), RD (Road).
Post-directionpostdirtextPost-direction, if the street name has a direction after the name. For example, University Blvd W.
CitycitytextCity of work location
StatestatetextState of work location
ZIP codezipnumberZip Code of work location
Work LocationlocationtextDescription of the location of work being performed.  Typically used when the activity is not at a discrete property address.
WSSC Gridwssc_gridtextWSSC Map grid
Tax Maptax_maptextTax Map
Site Areasite_areanumberThe number of acres for the proposed Special Protection Area .
Proposed Disturbed Areaproposed_disturbed_areanumberThe number of acres disturbed for the proposed Special Protection Area .
Current Zoningcurrent_zoningtextCurrent Zoning
Proposed Zoningproposed_zoingtextProposed Zoning
Current Land usecurrent_land_usetextCurrent Land use
Proposed Land Useproposed_land_usetextProposed Land Use
Protection Areaprotection_areatextProtection Area
State Water Usestate_water_usetextState Water Use