Floodplain District Permit

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The purpose of a Floodplain District Permit (FPDP) is to control floodplain development in order to protect persons and property from danger and destruction and to preserve environmental quality. Floodplain district: Any area specified in Executive regulations that is subject to inundation in a 100-year storm. This includes any waterway with a drainage area of 30 acres or larger. Floodplain district permit: A permit issued by the Department under this article authorizing land-disturbing and construction activities. Floodplain district permit plan: A set of representational drawings or other documents submitted by an applicant to obtain a floodplain district permit that contains the information and specifications the Department requires minimizing the safety hazards of or the negative hydraulic and environmental impacts associated with development in or near a floodplain." Update Frequency : Daily

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This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Application TypeapplicationtypetextFloodplain District Permit
Application Numberapplication_notextApplication Number
Process Dateprocess_datecalendar_dateDate Processed
Issued Dateissued_datecalendar_dateThe date that the permit is issued. 
Final Datefinal_datecalendar_dateFinal date
Expire Dateexpire_datecalendar_dateExpiration date
Type and purpose of worktype_and_purpose_of_worktextType and purpose of work
Use GroupusegrouptextUse Group
WSSC map gridwssc_map_gridtextWSSC map grid
Tax maptax_maptextTax map
Street numberstnotextStreet number
Street Pre directionpredirtextStreet Pre direction
Street namestnametextStreet name
Street Post directionpostdirtextStreet Post direction
Street suffixsuffixtextStreet suffix
StatestatetextState of Maryland
Zip CodeziptextZip Code
Count Street Map Coordinatecounty_street_map_coordinatetextCounty street map coordinates
Disturbed Area 100 Year FDdisturbed_area_100_year_fdtextDisturbed area 100 floodplain district
Impervious Surface 100 Year FDimpervious_surface_100_year_fdtextImpervious area 100 floodplain district
State Water Usestate_water_usetextState water use category