Police Department Incidents (2010 - Current Year)

data.naperville.il.us | Last Updated 1 Oct 2018

Naperville Police Department from 2010 to Present. This dataset is updated automatically every 2 hours. These are also shown on the Police Department Incident Map

Tags: police, incidents, pd, npd, crime

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Incident KeyincikeytextUnique identifier for this incident row.
Incident Numberinci_idtextIncident number is created for every incident
UCRucr_codetextUniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Number is designated by Illinois State Police
OffenseoffensetextName of the UCR and the offense
Date Occureddate_occucalendar_dateDate when incident and offense occurred
Hour Occuredhour_occutextHour when incident and offense occurred
Date Reporteddate_reptcalendar_dateDate when incident was reported.
Hour Reportedhour_repttextHour when incident was reported.
StreetMaskedstreetmaskedtextStreet Address masked to the block level
Reported asreportedastextIncident was Reported as
geoxgeoxnumberGeographic X coordinate
geoygeoynumberGeographic Y coordinate
categorycategorytextIncident Category