Sales Tax By Type (2000 To Present) | Last Updated 22 Sep 2017

This is the total sales tax collected in the City of Naperville categorized by sales type. Businesses categorize themselves into one of ten different categories based upon the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). This information is collected by the State of Illinois and shared quarterly with the City to show the sale tax generating business make-up of the community.

Tags: sales tax, tax, business, home rule

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
TypetypetextThis column indicates if the sales is from the State collected 1.00% sales tax or the City's 0.50% home rule sales tax implemented in 2016
YearyearnumberYear of sales tax collection
QuarterquartertextQuarter when the sales tax was collected
CategoriescategoriestextStandard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of retail sales businesses in the City of Naperville
CountycountytextCounty in which the tax was collected
AmountamountnumberAmount of sales tax collected per SIC code