Strategic Vacant Anchors | Last Updated 26 Sep 2018

Location information and building attributes of the identified Strategic Anchors in Naperville, IL.

Tags: commercial, occupancy, vacant

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
NamenametextThis field describes the name of the former Strategic Anchor.
AddressaddresstextThis field describes the street address of the Strategic Anchor.
Occupancy Statusoccupancy_statusdrop_down_listThis field describes the current occupancy of the Strategic Anchor.
Existing Leaseexisting_leasetextThis field describes if the Strategic Anchor is currently under lease.
Lease Expirationlease_expirationtextThis field describes the month/year of the lease expiration for the Strategic Anchor. (If there is no value then there is not an existing lease).
Building Square Footagebuilding_sq_ftnumberThis field describes the size of the Strategic Anchor in square feet.
Former Useformer_usetextThis field describes the use of the Strategic Anchor prior to becoming vacant.
Zoning Codezoning_codetextThis field describes the zoning code of the Strategic Anchor.
Zoning Descriptionzoning_descriptiontextThis field describes the zoning description of the Strategic Anchor.
LocationlocationlocationThis field describes the full street address of the Strategic Anchor including latitude and longitude.
PhotophotosphotoThis field shows a photo of the Strategic Anchor. (Click on photo to view larger.)