Metro Public Works Capital Projects | Last Updated 24 Jan 2018

This daily data export contains completed, in progress, on hold, planned and scheduled Capital Projects for Bikeways, Bridges, Capital, Culvert, Guardrail, Paving, Sidewalk and Traffic projects in Davidson County.

Tags: capital projects, capital, projects, public works, nashville, davidson county, metro nashville government, tennessee

This dataset has the following 30 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
CP IDcp_idnumberUnique capital project identifier for each project.
Project Numberprojec_tnumbertextMPW Internal Project Number
Project Categoryproject_categorytextIndicates the categorical type of project, including: Bikeway, Bridge, Capital, Culvert, Guardrail, Paving, Sidewalk, Traffic.
Project Typeproject_typetextIndicates the type of project, including: Bridge Replacement, Buffered Bike Lane, Cosntruction Management, Culvert Repairs, Culvert Replacement, Cut Vegetation/Remove Debris, Guardrail Repairs, Intersection Improvmenets, Maintenance and Repair Jobs, New Bridge, New Pedestrian Signal, New Roadway, New Sidewalk, New Traffic Signal, Pavement Marking Maintenance, Paving, Project Management, Protected Bike Lane, Roadway Improvement, Shared Bikeway, Sidewalk Repairs
Project Nameproject_nametextThe name of a specific Capital Project, e.g. 28th Avenue North Enhancements
Project Locationproject_locationtextThe location of the project (which may cross multiple Council Districts). The name and location of the project are frequently identical
DescriptiondescriptiontextThe description of the project which may include explicit information about the project. Some project descriptions list only the general project type and address; some project descriptions may be blank.
JustificationjustificationtextJustification for the project, e.g., Overall Condition Index of the street segment is 55, and it qualifies for paving.)
Council Districtcouncil_districttextCouncil district within which the project occurs. Projects may occur simultaneously in multiple Council Districts
Plan Costplan_costnumberDollar amount of planned project cost
Estimated Costestimated_costnumberDollar amount initially estimated for the cost of the project.
Actual Costactual_costnumberDollar amount of actual project cost. This figure is only available for completed projects.
Project Costproject_costnumberDollar amount of total project cost, including funding from external sources (e.g. Local, State, Federal)
Percent Spentpercent_spentnumberPercentage of funds spent from total project allocation
Estimated Startestimated_starttextEstimated start date/period of project
Estimated Endestimated_endtextEstimated end date/period of project
Actual Startactual_starttextActual start date of project
Actual Endactual_endtextActual end date of project
StatusstatustextIndicates status of project, including: Complete, In Progress, On Hold, Planned, Scheduled.
NotesnotestextAdditional notes about project.
Project SubTypeproject_subtypetextIndicates project subtype, including New, Engingeering/Consulting Services; Maintenance/Repairs, Rehabilitation, and Replacement.
PriorityprioritytextPriority of projects, including: Low, Medium, High.
PhasephasetextIndicates the status phase of project, including: Aquiring Permit, Acquiring Right-of-Way, Complete, On Hold, Plan Design, Planning/Scoping, Ready for Construction, and Under Construction.
PPA Numberppa_numbertextProgram/Project Allocation Number with Interal MPW Capital Funds Management System.
x Coordinatex_coordinatenumberX Coordinate for this project
y Coordinatey_coordinatenumberY Coordinate for this project
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude for this project
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude for this project
Map URLmap_urltextDirect link to the project location on the MPW Interactive Map found at
Mapped Locationmapped_locationlocationCombined location information used for creating mapped visuals on the Open Data portal and NashView.