General Government Employees Demographics | Last Updated 5 Jul 2019

This is a listing of demographic data for Metro General Government Employees

Tags: employees, demographics

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Pay Grade/Steppay_grade_steptextPay Grade if applicable.
Annual Salaryannual_salarynumberAnnual base salary of the employee.
ClassclasstextJob # of the classification.
TitletitletextClassification title of the employee.
Current Dept Descriptioncurrent_dept_descriptiontextThis is the Current Department of employee.
Employment Statusemployment_statustextEmployee Status.
EEO Job Cateeo_job_catnumberCode used for Equal Employment Opportunity Job Category.
EEO Job Cat Desceeo_job_cat_desctextEqual Employment Opportunity Job Category Description.
GendergendertextGender of the Employee.
Ethnic Codeethnic_codetextCode used for race/ethnicity.
Ethnic Code Descriptionethnic_code_descriptiontextDescription of race/ethnicity.
Year of Birthyear_of_birthnumberYear of birth of the employee.
Date Starteddate_startedcalendar_dateDate the employee started.
FLSA Exempt Y/Nflsa_exempt_y_ntextFair Labor Standards Act(FLSA) exemption status Y/N.
CountycountytextCounty of Residence.