hubNashville (311) Service Requests | Last Updated 10 Mar 2020

Details of service requests to hubNashville, Metro Nashville government's comprehensive customer service system. Residents or visitors can connect with a Metro representative to request services, share feedback, or ask questions by calling 311 (615-862-5000 if out of county when making the call) or by visiting

Tags: hubnashville, customer, service, request, 311, electric, water, property, standard, codes, education, library, park, environment, safety, facility, street, road, sidewalk, planning, zoning, trash, garbage, litter, recycling, permit

This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Request #case_numbernumberUnique identifier for the request
StatusstatustextSystem status of the request
Request Typecase_requesttextClassification area of the request
Subrequest Typecase_subrequesttextMore precise classification of the request type
Additional Subrequest Typeadditional_subrequesttextA further level of precise classification for some request types
Date / Time Openeddate_time_openedcalendar_dateDate and time the request was created
Date / Time Closeddate_time_closedcalendar_dateDate and time the request was resolved
Request Origincase_origintextIntake method for the request
System of Origin IDoem_idtextIdentifier from the departmental system providing the request, when applicable
Contact Typecontact_typetextIndicates the type of entity that made the request
Preferred Languagepreferred_languagetextIndicates a request submitter’s preferred communication language
State Issuestate_issuetextIndicates whether the issue falls under State of Tennessee purview rather than Metro Nashville purview
Parent Requestparent_casetextIndicates that the request is a parent of other requests
Closed When Createdclosed_when_createdtextIndicates whether the request was resolved by the person initially receiving it
Addressincident_addresstextStreet address where service is being requested
Cityincident_citytextCity where service is being requested
Council Districtincident_council_districttextMetro Council district number where service is being requested
ZIPincident_zip_codetextZIP Code where service is being requested
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude where service is being requested based on street address
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude where service is being requested based on street address
Mapped Locationmapped_locationlocationCombined latitude and longitude where service is being requested for mapping purposes