Davidson County Cemetery Survey

data.nashville.gov | Last Updated 10 Jul 2019

A volunteer-conducted survey of family & community cemeteries in Davidson County, TN. Data set includes site photos of cemeteries, and individual photos of identifiable graves.

Tags: historic, cemetery, genealogy, ancestor, nashville, founder, pioneer, 19th century

This dataset has the following 39 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Cemetery Namecemetery_nametextName given to this cemetery
Alternate Cemetery Namealternate_cemetery_nametextAlternate name for cemetery
Map IDmap_idtextID number for site
LocalelocaletextGeneral location information
ConditionconditiontextCondition of the site
DemarcationdemarcationtextDemarcation of site (if any)
AccessibleaccessibletextAccessibility of the site
Site Photo 1site_photo_linkurlPhoto of the site (if available)
Site Photo 2site_photo_2urlAdditional photo of the site (if available)
Site Photo 3site_photo_3urlAdditional photo of the site (if available)
Site Photo 4site_photo_4urlAdditional photo of the site (if available)
Site Photo 5site_photo_5urlAdditional photo of the site (if available)
Site Photo 6site_photo_6urlAdditional photo of the site (if available)
Known Burialsknown_burialsnumberNumber of known burials at site
IntermentintermenttextName on grave marker
Grave Photo 1grave_photo_linkurl
Grave Photo 2grave_photo_2urlAdditional photo of the grave (if available)
Grave Photo 3grave_photo_3urlAdditional photo of the grave (if available)
InscriptioninscriptiontextInscription on grave marker
Death Datedeath_datetextDate of death noted on grave marker
FootstonefootstonetextIs there a footstone and inscription (if any)
Deceased Infodeceased_infotextOther info about the deceased
Original Surveyoriginal_surveycalendar_dateOriginal survey date of the site
Survey Update(s)survey_update_scalendar_dateSurvey update dates for the site
Current Surveycurrent_surveycalendar_dateCurrent survey date for the site
Graveyard Typegraveyard_typetext
NotesnotestextNotes from site surveyors
RestorationrestorationtextRestoration information for the site
Site Historysite_historytextKnown site history
Site Contact Infosite_contact_infotextSite contact info (if known)
Tract Parcel Numbertract_parcel_numbertextParcel number when cemetery is not individually platted, and part of a larger parcel.
Cemetery Parcel Numbercemetery_parcel_numbertextParcel number for platted cemetery only
NumbernumbertextNumber of property address
StreetstreettextName of street address
Additional Location Informationadditional_location_informationtextAdditional location info
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude for Mapped Location
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude for Mapped Location
Archaeological Informationarchaeological_informationtextAny relevant archaeological information
Mapped Locationmapped_locationlocationMapped Location of the Site