Metro Nashville & Davidson County Traffic Crashes (2013) | Last Updated 18 Apr 2019

This dataset provides details about traffic crashes that occur in Davidson County, including type of crash, number of injuries/fatalities, and weather and lighting conditions by calendar year.

Tags: accident, crash, police, traffic, safety, nashville, davidson county, metro nashville government, tennessee

This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Accident Numberaccident_numbertextMNPD incident number for the crash.
Date and Timedate_and_timecalendar_dateDate and time of the crash.
Number of Motor Vehiclesnumber_of_motor_vehiclesnumberNumber of vehicles involved.
Number of Injuriesnumber_of_injuriesnumberNumber of people with injuries as a result of the crash.
Number of Fatalitiesnumber_of_fatalitiesnumberNumber of fatalities as a result of the crash.
Property Damageproperty_damagetextProperty damage as a result of the crash. Values are Y(es) and blank for No.
Hit and Runhit_and_runtextIndication if crash was a hit and run. Values are Y(es) and N(o).
Reporting Officerreporting_officertextID number of responding officer.
Collision Typecollision_typenumberCollision type code.
Collision Type Descriptioncollision_type_descriptiontextText description of the collision type.
WeatherweathernumberWeather code to indicate accident weather conditions.
Weather Descriptionweather_descriptiontextDescription of weather at the time of the crash.
IlluminationilluminationnumberCode for type of lighting at the time of the crash.
Illumination Descriptionillumination_descriptiontextText description of the lighting during the crash, e.g., : Dark, lighted.
Harmful Codesharmful_codestextCode to indicate type of harmful object or conditions.
Harmful Codes Descriptionharmful_codes_descriptiontextText description of the harmful object or condition.
Street Addressstreet_addresstextAddress at which crash occurred.
Citycity_nametextCity in which the crash occurred.
Statestate_nametextState in which that the crash occurred.
Zipzip_codetextZip code in which the crash occurred.
RPArpanumberMNPD reporting zone in which the crash occurred.
PrecinctprecincttextAssigned precinct in which the crash occurred.
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude for this crash occurrence.
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude for this crash occurrence.
Mapped Locationmapped_locationlocationFull Address and GIS coordinates.