Sandy PA Master Data | Last Updated 31 Jan 2019

This is a report for all the relevant columns of PA - Amount Allocated, Obligated, Paid- broken down by program, project, county and municipality.

Tags: pa, sandy, sandy-master

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
As Of Dateas_of_datecalendar_dateAgency data is up to date as of this date
Federal Agencyfederal_agencytextFederal Agency corresponding to the State Agency. Valid value: FEMA
Funding Sourcefunding_sourcetextFederal Agency that is the funding source for PA. Valid value: PA
Program Descriptionprogram_descriptiontextShort Description of the PA program or any new program
Projectproject_nametextThe name of PA project related to Superstorm Sandy. For example: A - Debris Removal
Project Descriptionproject_descriptiontextA textual description of PA project related to Superstorm Sandy. For example: A - Debris Removal = This program provides funding for the clearance, removal, and/or disposal of items such as trees, woody debris, sand, mud, silt, gravel, building components, wreckage, vehicles, and personal property to eliminate an immediate threat to lives, public health and safety
Project Typeproject_typetextThe type of project that the funds are being used for (Municipality, County, etc.
CountycountytextThis is the name of a county where a Superstorm Sandy related project was worked on. This column may have a single name of a county, a value of 'Statewide' for projects being worked on at a State level, or it will contain the value 'Multi County' for those projects that cross more than on County. A comma separated list of multiple counties relating to one project detail is in the column.
MunicipalitymunicipalitytextThis is the Municipality name or names that pertain to a particular project detail. This column may contain either one Municipality Name, multiple Municipality Names separated by commas, 'statewide', etc.
Applicantapplicant_nametextApplicant/recipient of the funds. Example: Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Ocean County, etc.
Obligated Amountobligated_amountnumberFunds committed to this project but not yet spent
Obligated Dateobligated_datecalendar_dateThe date that the funds were committed to this project
Federal Sharefederal_sharenumberFederal funds currently attributable to this project
State Sharestate_sharenumberState funds (non-federal share) currently attributable to this project
Local Sharelocal_sharenumberLocal share (non-federal share) currently attributable to this project
Federal Disbursed Amountfederal_disbursed_amountnumberNet federal funding disbursements
Federal Disbursed Datefederal_disbursed_datecalendar_dateDate of most recent payment