Permits - BLDS | Last Updated 6 Aug 2020

City of New Orleans permit data starting from 1/01/2012. This dataset has been transformed to meet the standards outlined by the Building and Land Development Specification (BLDS).

Tags: permits, blds

This dataset has the following 33 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
PermitNumpermitnumtextPermit number
DescriptiondescriptiontextDetailed description of work permitted
AppliedDateapplieddatecalendar_dateDate that the application was submitted to Safety & Permits
IssueDateissuedatecalendar_dateDate permit was issued
CompleteDatecompletedatecalendar_dateDate when the permit was closed - for any reason (e.g. Certificate of Occupancy or Completion issued, application withdrawn, application denied, etc.)
StatusCurrentstatuscurrenttextThe most recently completed event in the permit's workflow (e.g. "Application Submitted", "Zoning Review", etc.)
OriginalAddress1originaladdress1textThe permit's street address
OriginalCityoriginalcitytextAlways "New Orleans"
OriginalStateoriginalstatetextAlways "LA"
OriginalZiporiginalziptextThe zip code of the permit
PermitClasspermitclasstextProperty type (e.g. "Single Family", "Business Use", "Multi-Family")
WorkClassworkclasstextSpecific permit type, full name - BLDS specifies "raw values indicating whether a property is new or existing". New Orleans does not have values as such, but one permit type is "New Construction"
PermitTypepermittypetextAbbreviated permit type (also used as the suffix of each permit number)
PermitTypeDescpermittypedesctextSpecific permit type, full name
StatusDatestatusdatecalendar_dateThe date on which the most recent event was completed (see StatusCurrent)
TotalSqFttotalsqftnumberSquare footage of new construction or addition (if applicable)
LinklinkurlLink to the permit and it's related public documents and data on (based on the permit's reference code)
LocationlocationlocationLatitude and longitude of the permit site, derived from its X-Y coordinates
EstProjectCostestprojectcostnumberConstruction value, based on a copy of the construction contract or an itemized estimate in the case of self-performed work
PINpintextThe assessor's tax bill number for the parcel
ContractorCompanyNamecontractorcompanynametextName or names of contractors associated with the permit
ContractorTradecontractortradetextTrade or trades of contractors associated with the permit
ContractorTradeMappedcontractortrademappedtextTrade or trades mapped to values standardized by BLDS
ContractorLicNumcontractorlicnumtextCity license number of electrical and/or mechanical contractor (state contractor licenses are not included)
ContractorStateLiccontractorstatelictextAlways "LA"
ExpiresDateexpiresdatecalendar_dateProjected expiration date of permit
COIssuedDatecoissueddatecalendar_dateDate of Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable)
PublisherpublishertextPublishing authority - always "City of New Orleans"
FeefeenumberTotal permit fees, in dollars
WorkClassMappedworkclassmappedtextWhether a property is new or existing
PermitClassMappedpermitclassmappedtextResidential or Non-Residential property type
PermitTypeMappedpermittypemappedtextTrade or trades mapped to values standardized by BLDS
StatusCurrentMappedstatuscurrentmappedtextStatusCurrent event names mapped to values standardized by BLDS