Occupational Business Licenses

data.nola.gov | Last Updated 21 Jul 2019

An Occupational or General Business license is required if you will be conducting business in Orleans Parish. This list shows businesses that have completed the licensing process and does not include businesses that have been issued a Temporary Occupational License. More information on business services here: http://www.nola.gov/onestop/business/occupational-general-business/occupational-general-business-license/. Data provided by Bureau of Revenue.

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This dataset has the following 23 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
BusinessNamebusinessnametextName of the business
OwnerNameownernametextName of the owner of the business
BusinessTypebusinesstypetextOccupational code and description
BusinessLicenseNumberbusinesslicensenumbertextOccupational license number
BusinessStartDatebusinessstartdatecalendar_dateDate the business began operating
AddressaddresstextPhysical address of the business
StreetNumberstreetnumbertextPhysical address street number
StreetDirectionstreetdirectiontextPhysical address street direction
StreetNamestreetnametextPhysical address street name
StreetSuffixstreetsuffixtextPhysical address street suffix
SuitesuitetextPhysical address suite number
CitycitytextPhysical address city name
StatestatetextPhysical address state name
ZipziptextPhysical address zip code
PhoneNumberphonenumbertextPrimary phone number of the business
MailAddressmailaddresstextMailing address of the business
MailSuitemailsuitetextMailing address suite number
MailCitymailcitytextMailing address city name
MailStatemailstatetextMailing address state name
MailZipmailziptextMailing address zip code
LatitudelatitudenumberPhysical address latitude coordinate
LongitudelongitudenumberPhysical address longitude coordinate
LocationlocationlocationPhysical address latitude and longitude coordinates